All of the makeup: Hard Candy

On Sunday I received the best package ever! I won the Skinny Blonde Girl’s Festival Makeup contest from Hard Candy!

I didn’t get outside in time to say hi to Katelyn, who delivered my prize herself. So hi! Hope you had fun in the east end :)

Finn was super excited because he thought it was another dog delivery for him

Finn was super excited because he thought it was another dog delivery for him

I have barely unwrapped all the goodies and can’t wait to recreate her “Summer Festival Look” which I will probably wear on a regular basis.

Hard Candy Makeup

Here’s what I got:

  • Single & Loving It Eyeshadow, 773 oink! – Hard Candy
  • Ginormous Lash, Carbon Black – Hard Candy
  • Highlight & Contur Cheek Duo, cheeky pink – Hard Candy
  • CC Tinted Moisturizer Stick, 830 light – Hard Candy
  • Blendable Concealer Duo, medium light – Hard Candy
  • So Baked Bronzer, 129 tiki – Hard Candy
  • Nail Color, 797 king of pop – Hard Candy
  • 12HR Waterproof Eye Crayon, blondie – Hard Candy
  • Ombre Lipstick, playful – Hard Candy
  • Colourstick Hair Crayon – Dippity Do
  • ColourPop Pastels Temporary Hair Powder – Dippity Do

You can’t win if you don’t enter!

Thanks again to Hard Candy & Katelyn from The Skinny Blonde Girl Blog



Show & Tell: Aug 15/14

Today I sit at my new desk for the first full day and I am super happy about it! I get distracted pretty easily when people are in front of me, so this move will make me less chatty and more productive. It’s funny that my report cards always used to say I talk alot and now I talk to people all day for a living :)

It’s been a crappy weather week here in Toronto. Yesterday and today feel like Fall weather. I’m not ready for the Fall or Winter yet. I feel like we haven’t even had a summer! I think it’s because I didn’t go on any vacations or do much this year. Last summer I did the Cadillac Driver Academy, went to Sean’s cottage with Casie a couple of times and our weekend at Viamede Resort was a big highlight. I want to get away sometime this month and hope I can make it happen!

  • Not a long read but super cool! Neolithic Battlefield Unearthed in Wales
  • BlogTO had a great post about Toronto’s secret tunnels
  • I love shortkeys and ways to make using a computer more efficient. These 18 Cool Internet Tricks are really neat.
  • 25 Awesome Furniture Design Ideas for Cats inspired me to buy Harley a mini cat tree to play on. And then I promptly returned it because he HATED it. But these ideas are really cool and he would LOVE them.
  • I think this is very interesting, but wonder how kids will learn things like proper handwriting? Google’s New Program Pushes for Paperless Education.
  • I’ve never lived in a condo and am honestly not interested in it. As a renter, I’ve lived in a 10 story apartment building but prefer to live in main floor house apartments.  I thought this was a great read about the reality of raising a family in a condo – Stuck in Condoland.
  • Back to school time is upon us again and I use to feel a bit sad that I wasn’t heading back to learn something new. I’ve been upgrading my skills and keep my mind sharp by taking online courses over the years (html, photoshop, PR courses, business courses) and when Hilary posted the link to Coursera on her FB I had to share here. Go forth and learn!!
  • Adrian shared this with me today and it’s pretty cool 7 Deadly Sins as Depicted by Cat Illustrations.
  • Science Says: Here’s The Facts About Aggressive Dogs -please watch this video if you have a dog, know a dog or have ever seen a dog in real life. “It all comes down to how you treat them when they are a puppy”. Aggressive human behaviour when training (yelling, hitting) tends to breed aggressive dogs… Some food for thought. Now share it.

Show & Tell Aug 08/14

Last night I went to the Jays game with about 20 people from my office and we had a great time. We sat in the 500 level, right behind home plate and the seats were pretty good.

This week has been a short one but it’s been jam packed with things to do. I haven’t taken a real vacation this summer and I really need to take a break and unplug from life. Last summer we had some really awesome adventures but haven’t had the time this year.

I’ve been using the WordPress app to blog lately and it’s really great. I feel like I haven’t really had time to do anything lately and haven’t been motivated to write. So I’ve been blogging as I sit on the bus or streetcar. Just put on some music and write away. Right now I’m listening to Fiona Apple “Oh Sailor”.

I hope you have been enjoying your summer so far and that you’re getting ready for a fun weekend. Here’s a Show & Tell to get you through the afternoon.

How To Put On Your Face

Two If By Sea

I’m standing at the TTC stop at King and University, waiting for a streetcar to be empty enough to let more passengers on. Instead of being frustrated, I’m thinking about last Wed night when my sailor picked me up from work, at the foot of Simcoe.

It was super sweet of him to get me. Even though it was in the dinghy. And even though we ran out of gas at the point.

It’s the little things that count in life. I’m lucky to have someone who would go out of their way to do something sweet.

It definitely beat standing on a packed streetcar for the ride home.


Oats & Ivy for lunch

For lunch last week, the ladies and I went to find the Oats & Ivy bicycle. I’d seen them on the street before and another colleague, Ariel, recommended it. What a great idea!

They serve fresh, healthy food and have a real vegetarian option. You can check out their website HERE for where they are each day as well as the menu.

Cate, Liz & I shared 2 orders of Avocado Salad Rolls (avocado, carrot, cucumber, pea shoots, romaine lettuce, rice paper wrap, sweet chili sauce).

And Judy had the Asian Chicken Slaw (organic chicken, pineapple, carrots, peppers, cabbage, sesame seeds, cilantro, mint, tahini dressing)

From the @OatsAndIvy Instagram

We also each had a black bean brownie, which was absolutely delicious and I highly recommend getting one. Oats &Ivy has cold pressed juices as well and we sampled the Ruby Tuesday and High Five juices.

If you’re in the downtown Toronto core at lunchtime, check out Oats & Ivy for a healthy option. You can also call ahead and have a lunch waiting for you and we’ll do that next time.

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