Show & Tell for July 03, 2015

It’s finally Friday! This week has been a bit weird with the Canada Day holiday falling on a Wednesday. It’s been pretty slow overall and I feel like I got a lot accomplished. I’m looking… View Post

Show & Tell for April 24, 2015

What a whirlwind of a week! I’ve posted a ton of new jobs, for all of you that may be looking and IQ PARTNERS has a whole whack of new opportunities across industries HERE. This… View Post

Show &Tell for April 17, 2015

This has been a great week. Probably one of the best weeks of my life so far. Tomorrow we actually have to sit down and start planning a wedding, which is such a foreign concept… View Post

Show & Tell for February 27, 2015

Happy Friday Lovelies! Today has started off pretty great. Woke up before my alarm feeling like I had a great sleep, got a ride in to work from a super hot man (Pony) and made… View Post

Show & Tell for February 20, 2015

Last night we had a Trivia Night party at work. It was super fun and I was on the winning team! It’s been a pretty fun and busy week. Finn has had a couple of… View Post