Oh Baby, the Places You’ll Go

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been actively blogging or sharing on social media this year.

On Christmas Day I started feeling like I had the flu and well, a week later Jason and I found out that I was pregnant.

I wasn’t going to post anything until after the baby was born, but we had our family Baby-Q Shower last weekend and the photos are starting to show up on Facebook.

So the cat is out of the bag. Jason and I are having a baby (well, it’s mostly me) and I’m due on September 1st, 2017.

Facebook or it didn’t happen, right?

We’re Getting Hitched!

Our first date – Nov 01, 2010


I’m writing today to share some wonderful, exciting, over the top amazing news. On Tuesday, April 14, the love of my life proposed and I said YES!!!!!!

Enjoying our secret beach spot – March 2011

It’s been an exciting ride these past 41/2 years and who knew that the man in the Captain America costume would turn out to be the man of my dreams.

I don’t like walking from the shore to the boat – April 2011

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have met you Jason and I am so excited about our future together. You compliment my life, keep me sane when I am crazy busy with work and life and are always there when I need you. I am so happy that my Mom & Dad sent me to Florida and glad my cousin took us to your house for breakfast. I’m also glad that my Mugga likes sailors and told me it was OK to stay a little longer on that Florida vacation.

Streetlight Manifesto concert – Oct 2014


Thank you to everyone who has sent their congratulations and well wishes. This is going to be one hell of a celebration!




Back To Reality

It’s Monday, January 05 and the first day back to work for me since December 19. I was up super early this morning (6:30am) to get to the office early so I can have a good start to this day, week & year. It was a bittersweet morning and the first time I’ve gotten up and ready by myself without my little cat shadow, but c’est la vie.

My first selfie of 2015

Yesterday I made my first mason jar salad lunch and it looks absolutely delicious. I’m excited to crack open this new year and put together some more goals for my business life. I’m really looking forward to what 2015 will manifest for me and I hope you feel ready to leave the past behind and grab life by the horns.

Like my lovely friend Casie always says “you will never be younger than you are right now”.

Carpe Diem my loves!


December 01, 2014

I’m back from an unplanned blog hiatus because November was a pretty hectic month. There were lots of ups and downs which didn’t leave much time for writing and I can’t believe today is December 1st. The beginning of the last month of 2014 and one month until my birthday! It seems unreal that the year is coming to a close and it’s been quite an adventurous one.

Fort Myers Beach

Mom & I in Fort Myers Beach


But before all that end of year nonsense we’ve got the most wonderful time of the year… Christmas! We usually head to Florida in December, but this year we will be staying in Canada and having the most Christmas Christmas ever 🙂

Recipe to come!


I love this time of year, spending time with friends and family, nights in front of the fireplace and of course holiday parties! We’re going to do as many fun holiday things as we can this year, so if you have suggestions on things to do, then leave a comment.

Lotus Leaf #PRESSDAYS SS15 post to come!


My best friend is feeling better 🙂

My sister and I went to the Markham Santa Claus Parade on Saturday with our parents and some old family friends. It used to be an annual tradition when we were kids and it was pretty fun to gather at the big old house on Main St and cheer the parade along. There were some really great marching bands, talented gymnasts and dancers showing off their stuff and of course we go to see Santa!






Gideon was excited for Santa


Grandpa & Gideon 🙂



Tonight Jason and I went out and got advent calendars so we can count down the days to Christmas. Mom has always gotten us kids advent calendars and it’s a tradition I love and will continue. I thought today that we should make them, but maybe for next year.

I hope you’ve all had a great year so far and I’m sending you light, love and some holiday cheer!