The Tragically Hip on Canada Day!

Jason and I got Media Passes to go and see The Tragically Hip on Canada Day in Barrie.  We didn’t have anything special planned and we were excited to go and do one of the most Canadian things you can do on Canada Day 🙂  Luckily babes Casie & Brock were on their way up as well so we all got to hang.


First we drove up to a Casie’s friend Sean’s cottage in Gravenhurst and it was a beautiful drive.  It was on Morrison Lake and was so peaceful and warm.  We went in the water and for a ride on a boat while Sean wakeboarded.



Then we went over to another cottage to pick up some friends and headed to Burl’s Creek Family Trailer Park for the show.  We couldn’t get in the event quickly enough to see Death Cab for Cutie’s set but we heard it from outside and they were pretty great 🙂

The Hip came on just after 9pm and were awesome as usual.  The last time I saw them was about 6 years ago at the ACC so it was really cool to see them at an outdoor venue.  The special guest was the lovely Sarah Harmer – who dueted on a couple of songs including my FAVOURITE Hip song “Wheat Kings”.



For the rest of the photos you can check out my album here and I’ve got some videos to post as well, but of course they take forever to upload to YouTube.

Thank you so much to my wonderful friends at Matchstick for giving myself and my American man the most Canadian Canada Day we could have had.  It was a blast and we can’t wait for next year!

I’ve got a super cool opportunity for emerging bands/artist that I’m going to post tomorrow AM in partnership with Canadian Club so make sure you stay tuned.

Morgan Cameron Ross & Rumer

On Mon Feb 13, Jason and I went on a date to see Morgan Cameron Ross play at the Mod Club.  He opened for a girl named Rumer (Elton John is a big fan) but I hadn’t heard of her until the show.  It was my first night out to see live music since we saw Morgan open for Third Eye Blind at Echo Beach this summer, and of course Brock was there too 🙂  Morgan played without a band and I really liked the raw sound of just the guitar.  Oh yeah, and Morgan if Holly isn’t available I’m so in to sing her part on Hold On To Your Heart – one of my favourite songs off the album.

Here’s the live version of My Brother Went to Prison – which is a song that’s video is banned in Quebec for being too sexual


And here’s a live version of “Let It Go”, his last song of the night.


If you haven’t heard any of Morgan’s solo stuff you should check him out online and download his album “Let It Go” on iTunes

I’ll post the videos of Rumer tomorrow.  She was amazing and such a strong singer.  You’ll love her!



The Watchmen at Horseshoe

One of my favourite Canadian bands from the 90′s are The Watchmen and I got to see them last Saturday with Rhi.  They sang all my favourites, Say Something, Any Day, Stereo and That’s Just The Way.  I was so excited to see them play again and it was a great show.

Danny from The Watchmen

My friend Morgan’s band opened the show “Birds of Wales” and they were so awesome.

Blurry Morgan – Birds of Wales

Here’s the video I got of “That’s Just The Way”

Woah. Just made it in time to count as a post for today.

sign my name along your dotted lines

I met with Morgan from Birds of Wales earlier this week and he invited me to come see his band  open for The Watchmen at the Horseshoe last night.

Morgan brought me a Winnie The Pooh. Good way to start a meeting :)

I went with Rhianne and we had a really good time, didn’t get home last night til 4am and I’m pretty tired today. It was both of our first time seeing Birds of Wales and they are really good live.  Ended up bumping into my friend Rose, who does Morgan’s hair and works at Brennen Demelo and it was a really fun night.  I hadn’t seen The Watchmen play in probably 10 years and it was such a good show.  Definitely brought back high school nostalgia :) (hi to anyone from Brock who reads this).   We hung around til the end and went to Lakeview with Morgan, his guitar player & girlfriend and I had my 3rd breakfast meal of the day.  Pretty awesome night.

This afternoon I got to hang out with my Mom.  It was so nice to spend the time together just the two of us.  We went to the Clothing Show, thanks to Marie for the tickets and designer envelope :) I got a really nice sweater dress from Embody and the girls at the booth were so nice.  The photo is me with the owner Tara White.

I need to go have a nap now cause I’m wiped and Diggy is DJ-ing at Tattoo tonight.  I’d like to go but it depends if I wake back up tonight or sleep right through.

Here is a video of Birds of Wales performing “Not All Musicians Are Broke”.  Have one of The Watchmen too but it’s taking forever to upload.  Will post it and the photos tomorrow.

Robyn Dell’Unto Album Release

Last night I was invited to Robyn Dell’Unto‘s debut album release at Supermarket.  I’d been sent a preview of her album earlier in the week and really couldn’t wait to hear her live.

She was such an great performer and I really love her sound.  A really pretty, folky voice mixed with a bit of a dirty mouthed banter and the crowd loved her.  She had hers sisters were working the merch booth and one of them got up to sing with her on a song.  She’s gone on tour for the next month and then back to Toronto where I’ll hopefully get a chance to interview her.

Thanks so much to Cam & Todd of Cool Planet Entertainment for the invite!

Here’s a video of her last song “Just A Bird”