Buytopia & Yogurty’s

Jason and I LOVE ice cream and frozen yogurt.  He makes me buy it every time I go grocery shopping 🙂  This week we’ll be going to Yogurty’s for a fro-yo date because Buytopia has… View Post

Horseback Riding at Forest Hill Farm

Buytopia sent me to check out one of their awesome deals – an introductory package to Horseback Riding at Forest Hill Farm in Caledon.  I was super emotional as soon as the email came in… View Post

Bite Bar & Buytopia

Bite Bar teamed up with Buytopia with a deal for and I had the hard task of testing out the deal and eating the unbelievably scrumptious bite-size gourmet cupcakes and mini cheesecakes. Sometimes being a… View Post

Spring Clean Your Car with Buytopia

I get the daily Buytopia emails and today they had some awesome Spring Cleaning deals, so I bought one and had to pass along the info to you guys! The deal is $39 for a… View Post

Buytopia’s $100 Million Celebration

As you guys might know I’ve been lucky to be a part of the Buytopia Affiliate Bloggers.  They’ve sent me on some fun adventures so far, like my Nailopolis Luxury Mani & Pedi; the yummy… View Post