It’s February – Time for a Challenge

Today marks the start of a few new things at our house. With January being my birthday month, I find it hard to start anything new because we’re always pulled in so many directions at the beginning of the year. And with February being the shortest month, it seems easier to commit to a challenge of 28 days!

#1 – Jason and I have decided to challenge ourselves to have a “Dry February” and cut out all alcohol for the month. I find that with both of us being off we are drinking every day. Not always binge drinking (classified as having 5 drinks in a short period of time), but we are consuming (and spending) too much on alcohol. I have noticed that binge drinking is a real problem in our current society and it is a pretty normalized thing.

#2 – We’ve decided to curb our spending habits and not purchase or spend money on anything that isn’t a necessity for the month. I’m really curious to see how much money we can save as well as to see where we are potentially wasting money on frivolous things. I’ve got a notebook ready for us to write down what we spend (including rent/bills) and at the end of the month we’ll add everything up.

#3 – Being more active! Today marks the start of my 9 month membership to Toronto Yoga Mamas and the first Baby Yoga class for Abigail & I. I’m really looking forward to getting back in shape and transforming my body into a stronger, healthier version of what I am now.

I’m excited about these challenges and I think they will help us be healthier, more active and able to spend more quality time with our friends and loved ones. We won’t be “going out” as much and instead hosting friends and family at our house, so give us a call and come by for cards, games, cooking and maybe even some fun DIY projects!

What are you doing this month? Any fun challenges you’re starting? Feel free to join us and let us know what and how you’re doing.


September Yoga Challenge

I love the idea of yoga, but I procrastinate on fitness, so have never really done it. I’ve done 1 real yoga class (which I loved) and a few times at home following different videos. I bought a Passport to Prana a year or so ago that I never activated and I really should!

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon  the video Yoga For Complete Beginners by Yoga With Adriene and really liked her style. I saved it in my playlist and this morning I finally decided it was time to do it.



I cleared my space, put out my mat and followed along with Adriene. It was a really good and easy to do 20 minute sequence and I really enjoyed it. I feel ready to start my day with a clear mind.¬† At the end of her video, she challenges you to do this practice every day for one week. And you know what? I’m going to take it.

So today marks day one, because if I wait to start until September 1st I probably won’t do it, and I’m going to do 7 days of the sequence above and then continue my yoga challenge from there. I’d like to do a mix of home practice and classes around Toronto so if you have a suggestion or want to join me, please reach out in the comments or send me a message.

There’s no time like the present to start a new goal and improve yourself. Wish me luck!