Morgan Cameron Ross – College & Bathurst

I have been a fan (and friend) of Morgan’s since the day we first met and he brought me a Winnie The Pooh bear.


Over the past few years I’ve had the privilege of seeing him play live and have been lucky to get sneak peaks of his new material. His first solo album holds one of my favourite songs – I’ll Hold On To Your Heart – featuring my favourite female musician Holly McNarland. I’ve been waiting for new MCR music and yesterday he released his long awaited EP College & Bathurst



You can stream the album HERE and purchase it on iTunes HERE. Of course, it’s a great EP and you should check it out!


$40, 110lbs dog, Martin acoustic guitar, two shoulder bags and an empty Brooklyn
loft space. Morgan Cameron Ross is known for many things, none of which being his
patience, pragmatism or pension for making healthy choices. Two months prior, Morgan was on top of the World, living with long term girlfriend, Canadian Supermodel, Tara Gill in Toronto. The two relocated their lives to New York City; days later, those previously mentioned poor choices, proved suiting. Standing at a ATM machine, frustrated over the fact that with bank fees he could only access $20, Morgan stood there a newly single man. Broken hearted, Morgan hawked his fancy camera, leashed up his confused pup and headed back to Canada. What Morgan lacks in patience and choices, he makes up in close friends and great lyrics. Quickly, and to avoid reality, Morgan hunkered down with Pilate/Pilot Speed singer, Todd Clark, and got straight to writing. With Todd on the helm for production, and Morgan wearing his heart on his sleeve, the two have successfully written the most open, vulnerable and scary album of Morgan’s life.



I’ll Hold On To Your Heart

The ever-so-talented Morgan Cameron Ross has released his latest music video for the single “I’ll Hold On To Your Heart”.  This song is my favourite off the album and it features my all-time favourite female singer Holly McNarland.

The video also stars another one of my favourite people,  Brock McLaughlin.

Check out the video below and make sure you watch the rest of Morgan’s videos on his YouTube channel, go to Holly‘s site and listen to her latest album and see more babely Brock photos on his blog!


Do You Like Canadian Music Best? Baby…

This week some of my favourite Canadian artists have new material released. I love sharing talented musicians and feel free to share what you think of them. Check out the videos below…

2011 CCMA Group of the Year Winners Hey Romeo released their brand new album Twist of Fate (download on iTunes) and I’ve got the video for the first single “Jump Back In

* * * * *

And Morgan Cameron Ross releases his video for “Hey There Darlin” featuring the lovely Tara Gill

Show & Tell: Mar 23/12

Coming back from vacation in the middle of the week means that you are SUPER BUSY for the rest of it, but fortunately I got a sub for lunch around the corner and have just enough time left to put up a show & tell. Hope you have all been enjoying the beautiful weather. It looks like we’re gonna have some rain and cooler temps for the weekend, but at least SPRING IS HERE!

  • A beautiful video for Morgan Cameron Ross’ song “Storybook Romance” featuring the gorgeous Tara Gill

Morgan Cameron Ross & Rumer

On Mon Feb 13, Jason and I went on a date to see Morgan Cameron Ross play at the Mod Club.  He opened for a girl named Rumer (Elton John is a big fan) but I hadn’t heard of her until the show.  It was my first night out to see live music since we saw Morgan open for Third Eye Blind at Echo Beach this summer, and of course Brock was there too 🙂  Morgan played without a band and I really liked the raw sound of just the guitar.  Oh yeah, and Morgan if Holly isn’t available I’m so in to sing her part on Hold On To Your Heart – one of my favourite songs off the album.

Here’s the live version of My Brother Went to Prison – which is a song that’s video is banned in Quebec for being too sexual


And here’s a live version of “Let It Go”, his last song of the night.


If you haven’t heard any of Morgan’s solo stuff you should check him out online and download his album “Let It Go” on iTunes

I’ll post the videos of Rumer tomorrow.  She was amazing and such a strong singer.  You’ll love her!