Show & Tell: Aug 05/11

Today’s Show & Tell is inspired by a post I read this morning on Raymi’s blog.  I have been fortunate enough to jump into the world of blogging & social media and made some really great connections and friends.  Today I want to highlight the blogs of the amazing women I have met IRL and those that inspire me on a daily basis.

  • First off, if you haven’t read any Raymi you really need to start.  Hers is the first blog I ever read and she inspired me from the beginning to start my own.  I went from fangirl to friend after I semi-stalked her at a “How To Be Famous On The Internet” speaking engagment.  Girl you are a pioneer and I think you are an amazing woman.  Thanks for being there to talk to me when my shit hit the fan last Oct.
  • You’ve all seen this little blondie mentioned in my posts and out at events.  Casie Stewart writes a daily lifestyle blog and it is a very sunny and positive site.  We met when I invited her to be media for IndieWeek 2009 and have been BFF ever since.  I <3 you tons and thanks for putting some sunshine into my day 🙂
  • Oh Miss Currybomb – what can I say about her?  We have been friends since we were quite young and reconnected in the city a few years ago.  Your blog is always interesting and I love how you write.  Thank you for listening to my crazyness and for bbm’ing me to check out the latest “WTF is she doing now”
  • KeriBlog aka The Canadian Explorer aka #Olympics correspondent for 2010 – a girl who loves Canada, tech & security.  Your videos entertain me and make me smile, the safety and security tips you’ve posted are always added to my “To Try” and I think you are an amazing woman.  Thanks for being you 🙂
  • Lauren O’Nizzle – friendly, blonde internet kid.  I freakin’ love reading your blog and you make me lulz on the daily.  Your internet slang is ridiculous and your photoshopped pics and gifs make me want to learn how to do it.  You also have the best About Me page I think I’ve ever read

Ok – maybe I should have called this the blonde girl brigade post instead…

  • My pink hair inspiration came from Gala Darling – I had always wanted pink hair but never enough guts to do it.  And then I came across her blog and her self-love attitude was beyond inspiring.  I totally purchased her e-book/podcast series “Love and Sequins” and I thoroughly enjoyed her ideas and advice.  Read her blog for a dose of self-love, awesome fashion sense and thoughtful articles.
  • Zoetic Ebb is my latest girl crush.  Not only is she ethereally gorgeous, she is an amazing artist and photographer.  I love her style and design asthetic and her most recent project D4RTa mobile art class that aims to bring workshops and public art projects to impoverished communities all over the world, with its first installment to take place in September of 2011 in Yantaló, Peru – is currently in need of funding and you should donate if you can.
  • love Maegan is a California girl who is gorgeous and crafty.  She makes the most amazing DIY crafts, outfits and accessories called Maeg-It yourself and I love her daily outfit posts.  Maegan has great style in both her clothing and home and I love seeing her inspirations and finished projects.  She is inspiring me to be more crafty and to try and make things myself.
  • And last, but certainly not least, is Ree from The Pioneer Woman – this might not be the kind of thing you’d expect me to read looking at the other bloggers her, but this is one of my all time favourite blogs I’ve come across.  Ree is a city girl turned ranch mom & wife and I kind of want her life.  I love reading about her family and life on a ranch in the midwest.  I hope one day to make it out there to see for myself.  I love reading about her brother Mike and the impact he has on the community around him.  It is the blog I go to when I’m in need of some relaxtion or peace and I just LOVE IT


I read many more blogs and my Google Reader list has about 60 on it but these are my daily must-reads.  I love that some of you have become friends IRL and everyone inspires me and makes me want to continue to create and write my own site.

Thank you ladies for being my inspiration 🙂



Show & Tell: Apr 08/11

This has been a pretty interesting week.  Had my Kathryn come for a visit with her man Andrew and they left early Wed morning.  Had some great beach time and lots of work time, brainstorming to take over the world 🙂  It was so nice to have one of my friends come down for a visit.  The rest of you should get your butts here before I’m back in TO for Spring/Summer.  We’ve got room for you 🙂

  • O’Nizzle has been posting gems on Twitter/FB and this one made me LOL – The 10 best obnoxious responses to misspellings on Facebook.
  • Speaking of O’Nizzle, SheDoesTheCity just did a profile on the lovely Lauren O’Neil – if you don’t already follow her/read her blog, you better jump on board quick.  I’ve had the pleasure of hanging and working with this girls since she hit the city last year and I definitely <3 her
  • Why is predicting the future so hard?  In the year 2011 we were expected to drive flying cars, have hoverboards and jetpacks and our fashion definitely wasn’t a reinterpretation of the 80’s & 90’s.  Johnny Holland Magazine has a great article called This Ain’t Your Parents Future that’s worth a read.
  • I’m not so much thinking of retirement, but places where I can travel to and live for a while inexpensively.  Still a good post to share 9 Places Where You Can Retire and Live Like a King
  • Ever go to a bar and are not sure what kind of beer to drink?  Here’s a handy guide to help you out “What Beer Should I Drink”
  • Thought this was funny since I’ve been in the US off and on for the past few months – What Is Your State Worst At
  • I love horses and ponies of all kinds (since I was a little kid) and this video showing a Mini named Midnight, that was neglected by his previous owners, get a new lease on life by getting a prosthetic leg made me tear up.
  • Another funny clip that I saw first on HLN News last week – Christian women in Texas are Pole Dancing for Jesus – it’s funny how putting “For Jesus” in the title makes it ok in their minds.  I wonder if “Same-Sex Marriage for Jesus” would be as acceptable? Oh, and I have nothing against pole dancing or Christians.
  • Design student Andrew Kim has redesigned the iconic Coke bottle to make a more eco friendly and sustainable bottle.  What do you think of his design?  Would you care if your Coke bottle didn’t look like a Coke bottle?
  • Last week two awesome girls – Jordyn & Destinee – emailed me about a school project they had to do about their Celebrity Role Model.  And they wanted to use ME as their subject!  I was immensely flattered and it honestly made my week that they asked me.  Well they finished the video and did their presentation today.  Fingers crossed that they get an A+!  Here is the video they made – thanks again ladies.  You did a great job.



TIFF 2010 So Far…

Oh my goodness this has been a crazy 3 days.  I’m still in my PJ’s, recovering from the last few nights and saving up my energy for tonight’s festivities.  Here’s the photos I’ve taken and a recap of what I’ve been up to so far this TIFF.

Thursday was the Stella Artois party at the Drake SkyYard.  Met up with Casie and Much VJ hopeful Brock McLaughlin.  We got inside and there were a bunch of TO bloggers already there, Corey, Sean, Emma.  My bro & his gf ended up coming by and then Bucky, Matt, Randall from Much.  After the Stella launch we headed back to the beach to change and ended up hooking up with Rhianne & Carri and stayed in the East end for the rest of the evening.  Check out Sean‘s video of the event.

Me & Bucky – my favourite town

Reporting for Sean Ward – photo by Casie

Friday was the Vitamin Water Backyard opening and Lauren gave me a VIP invite (thanks lady!)  Tons of social media/bloggers out and got to meet some new people and see some friends.  Love the backyard area and party tent.  There was plenty of Vitamin water to drink and they made some pretty nifty cocktails with the Vitamin Water & Vodka – I drank the pink one all evening :) Michael had an extra ticket to the premier of Stone starring Robert DeNiro, Edward Norton, Milla Jovovich & Frances Conroy.  It was a really good movie and the cast had a Q&A afterwards.  Then I headed over to Tattoo with some new friends Jenn, Brock, Courtney & met up with Curtis Santiago.  Slash was the guest of honour at Tattoo and I was hanging with my Dwight, the DJ in the booth right beside him.  I was 2 feet away but wasn’t able to meet him.  Too bad.

Love this girl.  Working hard.

Casie’s Barbie Doll Sabrina

Andrew Stewart with some random business card :)

Blonde babes Anna Cyzon & Casie Stewart

Last night I went back to the Vitamin Water Backyard for The Conspirator after party.  Got to meet and chat with Justin Long – he was really nice but likes to take weird photos.  Afterwards went to the Soho House and met Dominic Cooper – but didn’t know it was him – and the crew behind the TIFF film Janie Jones.  After that I headed home and crashed.  Got a few places to go to tonight but am not sure if I’m gonna go out or not.

Have you guys been out at TIFF?  Seen anyone famous?

He really likes me….

2010 Wakestock Canada Day 3

Lots of photos in this post.

Got up late the last day and had to pack and get out of our loft by 11:00am.  We said goodbye to Jonathan and headed out to find some breakfast before the bands started.  Ate at the Beaver & Bulldog, which was pretty good and we all drank tons of coffee to try and get our lives back together.

After breakfast we made a pit stop at Zellers to get wellies and ended up staying there for about an hour trying things on.  Casie & Lauren got kids pajamas superhero costumes to wear and they looked hilarious.

Got to Wakecock Wakestock just in time for the shuttle to take us in.  So happy we didn’t have to walk the whole way.  It was pretty far and we were a little hung.  Love the VIP treatment.

First band we saw was called The Katacombs – a rockabilly/punk band out of Barrie and they were pretty good.  The bass player played a stand up bass and he was killing it. I’ve never really listened to much rockabilly music but I think I’m going to check out some more.

After a few songs we went over to check out the Wakeboarding finals.  These guys were crazy!  There were two walls – one higher then the other – and they were doing tricks and jumping on and off them.  I know nothing about Wakeboarding so I can’t tell you what they did, but it looked cool.  I really wanted to try it out this weekend, but maybe next year.

We walked around to check out what else was going on and Virgin Mobile had one of those carnival games where you hit something with a big hammer and see how strong you are.  I think Raymi was the strongest hitter out of all of us.  Apparently I’m a weakling, but I looked good doing it :)

One of my favourite girls, Tiffany was working the Virgin Mobile game so we got to hang with her and get some sunglasses.  She’s such a sweetheart and I really need to see more of her.  We went and checked out the Sprite Splash Mob rope swing into the water.  They wanted us to try it out but there was no way any of us were going to get wet and jump in a cold lake.  Casie’s friends took the plunge and it looked like a lot of fun.  Those boys were brave!

Got back to the stage in time to see our new friends Rebel Emergency play.  There was a smaller crowd on Sunday due to the cold, rainy weather but we danced and took a ton of pics anyway.  The band was all smiles as soon as they recognized us.  We definitely started the party on Sunday.

After Rebel Emergency was Hollerado and then my new favourite artist KO.  I have wanted to see him perform since I heard the Capable single on the radio and he didn’t disappoint.  The drummer & bass player from Rebel Emergency played with him and I was really impressed with his voice and live show.  I’ll hopefully have an interview with him to post up in the next couple of weeks.  Until then check out his Myspace page for videos/music.  I’m lovin Capable & Kurt Cobain (which is below).

I had the best time going to Wakestock with Casie, Raymi & Lauren.  It was a great experience and thank you so much to Jonathan, Zeke, Alison, Lawrence and the rest of the Wakestock team for taking care of us.  I can’t wait to come up next year and hopefully we can bring some of you guys!

wall systems

2010 Wakestock Canada – Day 1

Did a last minute pack after I finished my work for the morning and then headed over to Casie‘s to meet the girls.  Had the WORST cab driver – he forgot to turn the meter on til halfway and then drove me through the Roger’s center to make up for it – ignoring me telling him which way to go.

Packed Chad’s suitcase to take with me – I have enough clothes for a week and we’re only there for 2 nights.  Road-tripped the way up.  Sang some Lady Gaga & Metallica Car-aoke and filmed a nude wedges walk-off on our one stop.

Love the girls I’m hanging with this weekend.  So good to have positive girls that support each other on our Wakestock Party Girls Weekend.  It’s funny how we can all hang out and be texting/tweeting/FB-ing and still be having conversations.  Love knowing that I can keep on talking and everyone is paying attention :)

Got to our loft at Mountain Spring Resort and Jonathan was already there and waiting for us and he’d stocked up on candy & booze.  Our blond hurricane took over the place pretty fast and we got dressed to go eat in the Blue Mountain Village.  Went to eat at Copper Blues and the hostess was extremely rude to Raymi and then refused to accept Casie’s photo ID – so we got up and walked out.  Went over to Tholo’s and they had the nicest staff and best food.  We sat on the patio and it was pretty chilly so they brought us two propane heaters and we were golden.  Raymi the Foodie ordered us this amazing flambeed cheese called Saganaki and it was delicious.

After dinner we went back to the house to change and take photos before heading back to the Village for the Edge 102.1 Afterparty.  There were so many dumb, drunk jocks there and it was kind of ridiculous.  I’ll never understand why any guy thinks a good pick up line is to just grab a girl’s hair, shirt, hat.  We weren’t mean, just danced away until some idiot spilled his entire drink down O’Nizzle’s back and in her hair.  Good thing we were wearing our Zeugari suits underneath for a quick change.

Made some friends, got some drinks and danced front row to Rebel Emergency.  Awesome live band and we met the guys afterwards… of course they were already friends with my bro and his band.  Were gonna hang with them after the show but they showed up too late and we were in bed already.

For more photos check my Picasa and check out Casie, Lauren & Raymi‘s blogs for more!

Wakestock Day 2 & 3 to come this week :)