Volunteering for TEAM Cat Rescue

After my Harley passed away, I didn’t think I could have another cat, so I decided to become a cat foster and applied to TEAM Cat Rescue in the summer of 2015.

On September 08, 2015 my first foster cat, Ridley arrived. He was a guy who had been adopted out but returned for no fault of his own. He was pretty mad when he arrived but over the next few days and weeks he began to warm up, allowing us to give him some pats and belly rubs (and then biting you HARD when he’d had enough!).


After a month of fostering him, I got a call that someone was interested in adopting him. I had completely fallen in love with this silly, crazy and still angry cat and couldn’t imagine him going somewhere else and starting over. So Jason let me Foster Fail and we adopted Ridley on October 07, 2015.

Our next foster came on October 17 and it was 2 almost-4-week-old kittens. Victor and Coraline were so little and had to be fed every 4 hours with a syringe.

Victor and Coraline

Victor ended up getting sick and the poor little guy had to spend a couple nights at the vet and Coraline wouldn’t let me put her down while he was gone. This introduced her to Finn, who was instantly smitten with the little Calico kitten. Victor recovered and came back to our house and was introduced to Finn and I’ve never seen a happier puppy to finally have his very own cat friends.

Finn & his kittens


As the kittens grew older and were allowed out of their room, we were a bit nervous about introducing Ridley. The minute he realized they were two little kittens, his whole demeanor changed into “big cat brother”. He started coming around more, even giving Finn a chance to get close enough to sniff each other and spent the majority of his time near the kittens.

Ridley, Victor & Coraline


Ridley, Victor, Finn & Coraline napping on the couch

When the kittens were old enough to be adopted, I was having a pretty hard time letting them go and wanted to adopt them both. I got a hard NO to 3 cats in the house, but luckily one of our friends was looking for a new orange kitten as one of his cats had passed away and the other guy was lonely.  So Victor was adopted by our friend and Jason agreed to adopt the little crazy calico.

The Three Muskateers – Ridley, Coraline & Finn

It’s been a great year with our new cats, but I’m no longer allowed to foster (says Jason) because I can’t let them go! So when TEAM Cat Rescue put out the call for Adoption Screening Volunteers, I jumped on board and am working on my first application.

It’s a great community of volunteers who really care about the cats. I’m so happy to be involved and will hopefully get to talk to one of you in the near future to adopt one of our cats!

I’m super excited to be a part of this wonderful rescue and you’ll be seeing some adoptable kitties on the blog in the near future.

Get out there and volunteer!





Happy 2nd Birthday Finn!

Today, January 06, 2015, Finnegan Fairlie turns 2 years old. It’s hard to believe that our little puppy is now a 105lb guy.

We’ve had lots of adventures with Finn since we’ve had him. From the first ride home where he slept on my shoulders, to meeting Harley for the first time, going on road trips with me to visit Rhianne & Lyla at the cottage, up to Muskoka to play with Casie & Sean, to Viamede Resort for a long weekend and staying with Gramma & Grampa over the Christmas break.

Finn has brought a lot of joy and happiness into our lives along with extra animal hair, wet doggy kisses, ruined shoes, books, iPhone cords, chewed baseboard & drywall (don’t tell the landlord!) to tearing apart the “dog cupboard”.

Over the past 2 weeks Finn has started to behave a little better (calmer) and he has been the best shoulder to cry on for this girl.

Finnegan, I know you can’t read (but hopefully your dad will read this to you today), but I wanted to write this post to say, since the moment I first saw your cute little puppy face I’ve loved you immensely and we are so lucky to have such a wonderful addition to our little family.

The Birthday Puppy today, Jan 06, 2015.


Happy Birthday Baby Dog!!

Love Always,




Halloween Costumes for Dogs

My friend Jenna sent me a link to a costume store and I’ve been sucked into looking at Dog Costumes. Finn is an XL sized guy, so there aren’t a lot of options for him, but if he would let me dress him up, then these could take his costume game to the next level. And I plan on dressing up with him and getting a set of white diamond grillz.

Here are my favourites:

SuperDog is a classic

I can’t imagine Finn letting us put a wig on his head!



The Ninja Turtle costumes kind of make your pup look like an “Atat”

I think the Stegosaurus is my favourite one


Now your little Pup can look like a princess too!

I like the Dapper Dogs – can also double as a wedding outfit!

A leprechaun!


And last, but not least, there is a sexy costume for your dog. In the “Career Dogs” section, you can find the Chip N Dale-esque “Strip N Dog” costume


Happy Haunting!

Woofstock 2014

This year we finally went to our first Woofstock and it was held at Woodbine Park, just down the street from our house. I was really happy with the location, because it was close proximity to the beach so we could take Finn for a swim afterward. Jason, Finn and I went with Kristin & Gideon and Kyle & Adam met up with us. There was a ton of people and dogs and the vendors were pretty varied and interesting. Finn loves going out to events so Woofstock was a real treat for him.

This was the best picture of the day – Jason & Gideon hanging out in front of the Bowzer Box tent.

The highlight of the festival for us was meeting the people at Bowzer Box. I really loved the concept of “Bark Box” but it’s out of the US and I was looking for a Canadian company to support. Finn LOVES treats and he goes through a toy every couple of weeks, so having a monthly delivery of new things to try out is a really great idea.

In our Bowzer Box we got:

  • Chicken Liver Snaps by The Barkery in Stratford ON
  • Megalast Bear Toy by JW Pets
  • Peas and Carrots Treast by Wet Noses
  • Crispy Bacon and Apple treats by Fruitables
  • Biodegradable Waste Bags by This and That Canine in ON
  • Denta Snack by 1st Choice in QC

Bowzer box gave us our first box free at Woofstock and Finn was really excited to open it.


We are going to sign up for a trial subscription and review it here so you can see what we get.

This gummy bear toy was a real hit with Finn. It’s a strong as a Kong so he can’t rip it apart, he can chew it like one of his ChuckIt balls and it squeaks. His favourite thing is to chew on a squeaky toy. For an hour.

All in all, everyone had a great time at Woofstock and it tired Finn out.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that you guys should check out Head-Lites LED Dog Collars. We were really interested in one for Finn. We were set to buy one, but they were honest and told us that the collars are water resistant but not waterproof enough to be submerged for a swim. Then they sent us in the direction of a competitor they thought would have what we were looking for. So worth a mention for good karma all around and they’re a Canadian company.