Buytopia’s $100 Million Celebration

As you guys might know I’ve been lucky to be a part of the Buytopia Affiliate Bloggers.  They’ve sent me on some fun adventures so far, like my Nailopolis Luxury Mani & Pedi; the yummy 4-course Cheesewerks Tasting Experience; and the High Tea Wedding Soiree (which I had to miss out on due to being sick forever!).

Well on March 7th we got to check out their offices and celebrate their $100 Million milestone!  Jason and I got to chat with some babes that I hadn’t seen in ages (hi Crystal, Casie & Val) and I got to finally meet Vanessa which was awesome.

My handsome date is none other than International Man of Leisure, Pony!  He cleans up really nice 🙂  I love when he comes to events with me (hint, hint)


I love the knife holder guy and should have bought him while he was one of the deals.  Hopefully I can find him in a store somewhere.


We drank, ate tons of yummy apps and met some of the ladies at Buytopia.  And I was given a gorgeous new bracelet from Anomoly!

Thanks so much to Buytopia for all the awesome deals that I’ve be able to try out.  It’s really nice to work with a company that values their bloggers.  It’s definitely in part to their fantastic partner, Val and Charming Media.  Love working with you guys!!!





Minling Pan Studio Party

Last Thursday night Kristin and I were invited to the Minling Pan Studio (158 Eglington Avenue west) event courtesy of the lovely Val at Charming Media.

Minling Pan is a certified image consultant and she designs and imports her clothing from various places in China.  You can totally tell that her line is fashion forward and the best part is that it is reasonably priced!


It was a small, intimate event with lots of fashion blog babes.  Lovely to meet some new faces, like Nicole from Dainty Girl and to see some ladies I hadn’t seen in a while like Val & Stephanie.

Min, Nicole from Dainty Girl, Kristing & I


My sister bought the cutest yellow cat blouse and I was dying to buy one of her newest line of handbags simply called “Min”.  We chatted with Min for quite a while about her inspiration for the line and they are all very clever bags that will actually hold things you need!

There are extra pockets, bags inside bags & the gorgeous silver clutch has a “ring” to put your finger through.  Another great thing about the “Min” line is that every bag she designed comes with a long strap that you can add on when needed.

Min modeling one of her favourite Min bags


I am in LOVE with all of the Min bags and I think my favourite is this suede Merlot coloured hand bag.  It will be mine…


You should go and check out her awesome location and thanks so much for the invite!

**Some photos courtesy of Charming Media’s FB page – you can probably tell the difference between my iPhone shots and their pro ones!