My horoscope today

Some good advice.


There may be a bit of restlessness in your psyche,

due to strong forces at work that are urging you to take action.

A dynamic feeling is in the air calling on you to get up and get a move-on.

Take this opportunity to push through some of your new ideas,

and make strides toward the completion of your goals.

Don’t let your emotions get in the way of your mental process.

via AstrologyZone

Sequin Star Maps Collection

I was reading my February Monthly Horoscope from Susan Miller when I saw the prettiest necklace in her sidebar. I clicked the ad and discovered Sequin Jewelry.

Sequin is a NYC-based design studio founded in 2000 by sisters Kim and Linda Renk. Contemporary chic with a romantic edge, we are known for distinctive, directional jewelry that transcends fast fashion. Our line especially resonates with those who understand how to accessorize for the ultimate individual style statement.

The Star Maps Stellina necklace is what first caught my attention. I love Capricorn symbols and the delicate  chain and stellina design is dainty and feminine and just my style!

The Star Maps Capricorn Stellina Necklace is my favourite


The Star Maps Collection illustrates the twelve astrological signs with beautifully detailed interpretations of constellations and zodiac symbols. Each medallion has been cast from an original Sequin illustration, and comes with an adjustable chain so that it can be worn in a variety of ways. Whether you’re devoted to your horoscope or just love what these celestial pieces represent, they’ll integrate perfectly with your own unique style.

These would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any astrology lover and I am seriously coveting these necklaces.

The Star Maps Capricorn 3-Charm necklace is gorgeous as well.




Dreams Can Come True…

My horoscope was really awesome today so I had to share.¬† Sometimes it’s hard to see through the stress and worry and seemingly never-ending bad luck but if you keep working hard and pursuing your dreams, well they can come true!

Your horoscope for May 24, 2012

Goals that may have seemed unreachable lately are finally starting to come into focus, Carly-Anne. It could be that you have been neglecting your dreams because every time you address them, they only seem to move backward. Have faith that your luck is starting to turn around. Be patient and you will find that even your wildest fantasies will start to come to fruition.

Forget what you heard about sticks and stones

My horoscope today from the AstroTwins is such great advice that I had to post it for everyone to read.  Whether you believe in Astrology or not, I think this is an important point to keep in mind for your every day life.

Words have power, so forget what you heard about sticks and stones. Mercury retrogrades back through your communication sector until April 4, giving your verbal expressions an extra punch. One snarky comment could burn an important bridge. Be careful not to put negative commentary in writing. Your emails could travel to an unwanted audience, putting you in the hotseat. When in doubt, rewind and be kind.