Show and Tell for January 26, 2018

This week was a challenge and I almost missed posting a blog. I wanted to share something a little more newsworthy, but sitting down to write this Show & Tell is the first time I’ve had a minute to myself all week.

So far, I’ve been doing well on my goals for the year and next week I start my membership at Toronto Yoga Mama’s. I’ve already booked myself in for 4 classes and am going to try to make it at least twice a week. I love to hibernate in the winter and wouldn’t leave my house in the cold weather if it wasn’t a necessity. So getting out of my literal comfort zone to head to the gym is going to be hard, but I’ve got a buddy who signed up with me so I’m looking forward to her keeping me accountable!

That’s it for this week. Short & sweet and now back to life 🙂

Have a great weekend!