Happy April Fool’s Day!

I love the 1st of April. It’s always a silly morning and this year was full of laughs. I got Jason this morning by saying he wet the bed. hahaha. He even checked because I was so convincing!

Then I came to work were we had all planned to dress like one of our more stylish colleagues, Adrian. It was pretty hilarious to see everyone’s interpretation.

Now I’m on lunch and spending my time eating, blogging and reading all my horoscopes for the month. It’s been a hard and stressful winter and today I woke up to sunshine and no snow so I feel like anything is possible.

Hope you’re having a great day! Did you prank anyone? I’d love to hear your best April Fool’s Joke in the comments 🙂

Now go check out the monthly horoscopes from:

Astrology Zone by Susan Miller

Astrostyle by the AstroTwins (Tali & Ophira)

Mystic Medusa – I have the Mega Mystic account – well worth the money!


These guys are so ready for Spring!

  • Ali G

    Alas, my day was not as exciting as yours. Was so tempted to wake up both my sons (20 and 24) early to tell one he was late for school and the other that work had called him early. Then didn’t have the heart. But watch out next year….and that, wet the bed prank, oh boy! 🙂

    • haha. you should have pranked them! I was laughing so hard with the wet the bed prank. 🙂