Show & Tell for January 09, 2015

It’s been a super busy week and I’m happy that today is Friday. I’ve done great on my personal blog challenge so far, but my yoga challenge has fallen to the wayside. It was difficult to get up early enough to do it before work and I’ve not been motivated to do anything but sit on the couch after work.

I’m going to get back on the yoga wagon this weekend and am going to continue with my earlier to bed and earlier to wake up as well. Next week I want to do yoga before work, to set myself up for a good day.

I’ve got to take a good photo of the dressing recipe so I’ll do that over the week and share early next week as well.

I didn’t spend much time on the internet this week (other than for work) so a short & sweet Show & Tell to get you through til 5pm today.


Show & Tell for January 02, 2015

Ahhhh… My first Show & Tell of the year and I’ve been looking forward to writing it. I stayed up way too late last night, working on my 2015 Blog Planner. I LOVE making things from scratch and it’s the first project I’m doing on my new MacbookPro. Yup. I finally upgraded my computer and bought myself a birthday present this year.

Jason and Finn surprised me with a Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Cake and the full family birthday song (if you’ve ever been around my family on a birthday then you know what I mean, the extended version with 3 extra verses). It’s been a bittersweet start to the year without my Harley, but my sister said something to me that has made it a little easier.

“When a pet passes away, they go off to play and chase birds and do all the things they ever wanted to do. Then, when they’ve had enough fun, they come home to you, curl up  in your heart and stay forever.”

I know, it’s sweet and sad and I’m sorry if you’ve teared up. I thought it was worth sharing because I know most people have gone through this or will if they have a pet.

Ok, enough sad stuff. Life is good. It’s the start of a brand new year and I’m still on vacation until Monday. I’ve tried to stay off of social media, computer, internet and devices this month, so here’s a short & sweet Show & Tell to kick off 2015!

  • Today is Day 1 of the Yoga With Adriene #30DaysofYoga challenge. I’m writing this post and then doing my first video. You should join in!
  • Have you checked out your horoscope for 2015 yet? I love reading horoscopes and find that with a head up on the potential of each month, week or day, then I can make the most of it. My favourite sites are: Mystic Medusa (paid site, but well worth the $59 for a yearly subscription); AstrologyZone by Susan Miller is another of the best sites (sending well wishes, light & love to Susan as she has been under the weather) and finally the AstroTwins, Ophira & Tali.
  • I don’t like making New Years’ Resolutions. I find that it’s too much pressure and I usually forget about them. So I set New Year’s Goals for myself and write them down to keep me on track. This year I’m also toying with the idea of making a “vision board” or something similar to put my goals front and center. There are some really great examples of vision boards HERE.
  • I read this interesting post by Mashable last night “13 Unsolved Mysteries That Still Need Answers in 2015“.
  • I read “50 Things I Want For My Little Sister” and have to share it. I wish these things for my amazing, caring, best friend of a sister and for my brother too. And this one, “23 Things That Only Sisters Understand“, because ugh.
  • I’ll leave you with my favourite song of the year Hozier’s Take Me To Church – this version has a secret choir in the audience, surprising him by singing harmony. So beautiful and powerful.


Show & Tell: Sept 26/14

I don’t have anything witty to write for you today but I want to get a Show & Tell up to give myself a bit of a break from life. It’s been super busy lately which is great, but it doesn’t give me enough time to really take a step back, relax and enjoy it all. I started a Yoga Challenge earlier this month and was doing really well the first two weeks, then craziness took over and I’ve only done it once since. The other night I was mega stressed and I took some time for myself to do the 20 minute Yoga With Adrienne video and it completely changed my mood.

Take time for yourself this weekend. Get outside, smell the last of the flower and tell the people around you how much they mean to you. Life is a gift and we are lucky to be alive.

Mawlynnong isn’t like the rest of India, or the rest of the world for that matter. Tucked into the jungle of the northeast Indian state of Meghalaya, on the border of Bangladesh, the village is home to the indigenous Khasi people. Theirs is a matrilineal society, where women inherit land, children take their mothers’ names, and men marry into their wives’ family homes. The setting is also unique: lush, and so well-cared for, tourists across India visit to marvel at the lack of trash.”

  • I recently found the Farmer’s Almanac online and have been reading up on the coming seasons. Here’s their Canadian Fall Forecast.
  • I have yet to get Jason to do yoga with me – but these 10 Awesome Yoga Poses for Men are where we can start!
  • The science is clear: we have to keep two-thirds of fossil fuels in the ground to avoid catastrophic climate change, so why are we looking for more? We need to start keeping oil in the ground, and the Amazon is a great place to start.Please watch the video below and then head on over to sign the petition to Call for an end to Amazon oil drilling!


Show & Tell: Aug 15/14

Today I sit at my new desk for the first full day and I am super happy about it! I get distracted pretty easily when people are in front of me, so this move will make me less chatty and more productive. It’s funny that my report cards always used to say I talk alot and now I talk to people all day for a living 🙂

It’s been a crappy weather week here in Toronto. Yesterday and today feel like Fall weather. I’m not ready for the Fall or Winter yet. I feel like we haven’t even had a summer! I think it’s because I didn’t go on any vacations or do much this year. Last summer I did the Cadillac Driver Academy, went to Sean’s cottage with Casie a couple of times and our weekend at Viamede Resort was a big highlight. I want to get away sometime this month and hope I can make it happen!

  • Not a long read but super cool! Neolithic Battlefield Unearthed in Wales
  • BlogTO had a great post about Toronto’s secret tunnels
  • I love shortkeys and ways to make using a computer more efficient. These 18 Cool Internet Tricks are really neat.
  • 25 Awesome Furniture Design Ideas for Cats inspired me to buy Harley a mini cat tree to play on. And then I promptly returned it because he HATED it. But these ideas are really cool and he would LOVE them.
  • I think this is very interesting, but wonder how kids will learn things like proper handwriting? Google’s New Program Pushes for Paperless Education.
  • I’ve never lived in a condo and am honestly not interested in it. As a renter, I’ve lived in a 10 story apartment building but prefer to live in main floor house apartments.  I thought this was a great read about the reality of raising a family in a condo – Stuck in Condoland.
  • Back to school time is upon us again and I use to feel a bit sad that I wasn’t heading back to learn something new. I’ve been upgrading my skills and keep my mind sharp by taking online courses over the years (html, photoshop, PR courses, business courses) and when Hilary posted the link to Coursera on her FB I had to share here. Go forth and learn!!
  • Adrian shared this with me today and it’s pretty cool 7 Deadly Sins as Depicted by Cat Illustrations.
  • Science Says: Here’s The Facts About Aggressive Dogs -please watch this video if you have a dog, know a dog or have ever seen a dog in real life. “It all comes down to how you treat them when they are a puppy”. Aggressive human behaviour when training (yelling, hitting) tends to breed aggressive dogs… Some food for thought. Now share it.

Show & Tell: July 11/14

This has been a great week. My sister and I went to the launch of Entreprenuer Barbie & the Young Entrprenuer Bursary Program from Mattell and we spent our evenings walking with Finn, Gideon and Max at the Marina. It’s so nice to be able to walk out there with the puppies and they love it! Finn has caught a bunny and a duck so far this year – he hasn’t hurt them and I think he was just as startled as they were that he managed to get them! This weekend we were supposed to go to a Pool Party and to a cottage but it looks like we’ll be home instead. Oh well.

I hope you have all had an awesome week and here’s a fun little Show & Tell to get you through the afternoon.