2010 Wakestock Canada Day 2

Woke up to Jonathan making us breakfast.  A little tired from the night before but didn’t drink too much so after a tea I was good to go.  Took 4 girls a while to get ready – I don’t think Jonathan was prepared for how ridiculous we are.  We were tweeting, taking photos, changing outfits, taking more photos…  Finally got out of the house and made it to Wakestock by 2:00pm.  The line up was huge but luckily we had media passes to bypass it.

First stop was to check out the skatepark and there were some sick skaters & bmx bikers doing tricks.  I tried to catch the guys doing backflips on the bike’s but they were too fast for me.

Our media passes allowed us to stand in the photo pit for the first 3 songs of each artist and we took full advantage.  Got tons of photos, videos and danced our asses off.  Didn’t make it in time to see The Set or King Cobra so the first band we saw was USS.  I’ve met the guys a few times with Kyle but hadn’t seen a live show yet.  They were so awesome!  Jay aka Human Kebob the DJ wore a blue warm up suit with white stars all over it.  He danced his ass off, crowd surfed, and got everyone screaming.  Ash Boo-Schultz was killing in on guitar and vocals while making a smoothie throughout the set.

They were joined on stage by their friends Edward & Jacob and then finally a guest performance by Maestro Fresh Wes.   I was so excited to hear Wes perform.  I’ve known him through my sister Kristin for a few years now, they were in Metropia & Instant Star together.

After the set we got backstage passes from Allison (thank you so much!) and I went to Wes to see if he remembered me.  He gave me a huge hug and said he just talked to my sister and asked if I had a camera.  I said yes and he grabbed my hand and took me to a tour bus.  Knocked on the door and a HUGE security guard answered, Wes said “she’s with me” and we walk onto the bus and who is sitting at the table CHUCK D!!!  Wes introduced me and I shook his hand and then took photos of Wes and Chuck with a copy of Wes’ book Stick To Your Vision.  That was the highlight of my Wakestock weekend.

After USS we walked around the main area and made some friends in the crowd.  Took lots of photos and signed a couple t-shirts.  Ran into friends of Casie‘s from New Zealand and they were super nice.  Also saw my friend Tiffany – she’s such a babe.

We headed back to the photo pit for Alexisonfire – it was my first time seeing them live as well and they were really good.  After the first 3 songs we went to stand sidestage to watch the rest of the set and that was pretty cool.

Ran into some friends from the Edge, Dean & Todd and hung out in the Virgin Mobile tent backstage with Paul & Amber.  So good to see you guys!

Got to hang out with some of the Public Enemy crew while they were waiting for their KFC to show up.  Too funny.  Said hi to Flavor Flav but didn’t get a photo with him.  Michie Mee did a special guest appearance before Public Enemy and it was my first time seeing her as well.

Flavor Flav came out next and did a drum solo – which was pretty interesting.  He has so much energy and I can’t believe he’s 61!  So crazy that he is still performing and he was just as good as someone half his age.  Did the photo pit for Public Enemy’s first three songs and then we got to stand side stage again!  It was so awesome to watch them and we were really lucky to stand side stage, thanks to Raymi‘s friend Lawrence.

After Public Enemy we got a golf cart limo back to our car.  So nice not to walk after walking around all day.  Boys kept jumping on the back and we had to yell at them to get off.  Stupid boys.

Wewent back to the loft with Jonathan to eat and get ready for the after party.  We didn’t take as long as before and all 4 of us were ready – photos taken – and out the door in 2 hours.

Went to the crew hotel first to meet up with them and have some drinks and then took a shuttle over to the afterparty.  Such a fun time with these girls.  Always laughing, taking photos and tweeting :)

We walked in just in time for the bikini contest.  I’ve never been in one, and I don’t ever want to be.  It just isn’t me to stand up in front of a crowd, oiled up, shaking my ass in a bikini.  Ugh.  Todd was hosting and after they picked the winner Wes & Human Kebob performed.   Jonathan took us home around 1am and I crashed right away  Such a blast!

Check out my Picasa for all the photos and Casie, Lauren & Raymi‘s sites for their Wakestock blogs

2010 Wakestock Canada – Day 1

Did a last minute pack after I finished my work for the morning and then headed over to Casie‘s to meet the girls.  Had the WORST cab driver – he forgot to turn the meter on til halfway and then drove me through the Roger’s center to make up for it – ignoring me telling him which way to go.

Packed Chad’s suitcase to take with me – I have enough clothes for a week and we’re only there for 2 nights.  Road-tripped the way up.  Sang some Lady Gaga & Metallica Car-aoke and filmed a nude wedges walk-off on our one stop.

Love the girls I’m hanging with this weekend.  So good to have positive girls that support each other on our Wakestock Party Girls Weekend.  It’s funny how we can all hang out and be texting/tweeting/FB-ing and still be having conversations.  Love knowing that I can keep on talking and everyone is paying attention :)

Got to our loft at Mountain Spring Resort and Jonathan was already there and waiting for us and he’d stocked up on candy & booze.  Our blond hurricane took over the place pretty fast and we got dressed to go eat in the Blue Mountain Village.  Went to eat at Copper Blues and the hostess was extremely rude to Raymi and then refused to accept Casie’s photo ID – so we got up and walked out.  Went over to Tholo’s and they had the nicest staff and best food.  We sat on the patio and it was pretty chilly so they brought us two propane heaters and we were golden.  Raymi the Foodie ordered us this amazing flambeed cheese called Saganaki and it was delicious.

After dinner we went back to the house to change and take photos before heading back to the Village for the Edge 102.1 Afterparty.  There were so many dumb, drunk jocks there and it was kind of ridiculous.  I’ll never understand why any guy thinks a good pick up line is to just grab a girl’s hair, shirt, hat.  We weren’t mean, just danced away until some idiot spilled his entire drink down O’Nizzle’s back and in her hair.  Good thing we were wearing our Zeugari suits underneath for a quick change.

Made some friends, got some drinks and danced front row to Rebel Emergency.  Awesome live band and we met the guys afterwards… of course they were already friends with my bro and his band.  Were gonna hang with them after the show but they showed up too late and we were in bed already.

For more photos check my Picasa and check out Casie, Lauren & Raymi‘s blogs for more!

Wakestock Day 2 & 3 to come this week :)

Wanna Party at Wakestock?

Summer Concert Season is in full swing!  I’m off to Lilith Fair this afternoon with Casie and then August 6-8 I’ll be up in Collingwood for Wakestock Canada!

Gonna hook up with three of my favourite blog girls Raymi the Minx, Casie Stewart & Lauren O’Nizzle and we’ll be partying it up with a weekend of Babes, Beers & Bikinis and you should come too!

Our friends at Wakestock have put together a special discount just for our friends & readers!  It’s the  Social Ticket Offer and it’s only $55 for a 3-day pass.  Just click the link and enter the password: Partygirl.  The offer is valid until 10:00am on Thurs. July 29 so get your tickets now if you want to come and party with us!

I am super stoked to see some of my favourite bands play.  Performing this year @WakestockCanada are Public Enemy, Alexisonfire (AOF), Crash Kings, my friends U.S.S. & Maestro Fresh Wes., Hollerado and my new favourite artist KO!  We’re gonna be all over the festival, watching the wakeboarders, hanging out backstage, checking out the afterparties and anywhere we can to have the ultimate Wakestock experience.

It’s gonna be an awesome weekend and if you’re gonna come out, let us know!

Harlettes, Hot Box Cafe & Glee!

Yesterday was 4/20, as you probably all know.  I cut my work day short and went to meet Casie at work so we could go to the Hot Box Cafe and watch Raymi & The Harlettes perform.  It was a beautiful day and we met up with Sabrina and Alex on our way.  I was feeling so happy and inspired walking down Queen in the sun, with 3 babes.

raymi, raymi the minx, babe

We got to Hot Box and I got ID’d!  It made my day even better that I don’t look 19.  There was an awesome reggae band playing when we first got there – the guys name was Sun Ray (sp?) – and a ton of cool peeps hanging out and doing their 4/20 thing.

reggae, band, music, hotbox cafe

They had a munchies menu and servers walking around the patio with trays of drinks, sandwiches and brownies. I had the yummiest vegan sandwich – tomato, avocado, sprouts, cucumber & spicy hummus – and a pink lemonade.

burlesque, harlettes

We watched the Harlette’s perform on the rooftop (hard to get a clear photo) sans Raymi – she danced in the earlier performance which you can see on her blog HERE.  And then Chesty LaRue did a solo performance.  She is hot and a really great performer.  I love burlesque dancers and always wanted to be one.  Maybe I’ll try it out someday.

harlettes, chesty larue, burlesque

After Harlettes 2 members of The Salads performed an acoustic set, which was awesome.  We sat on the patio in the sun for a couple hours and then Shaun came in with a nice surprise before he went to get tattooed.  I love Shaun, he’s a real sweetheart and one of my favourite people.

hotbox cafe, the salads, live music, acoustic

Casie & I finally left around 6:30 and walked down to Queen to go home.  She told me about this great store where everything is $12.99 so we went to check it out and I got two cute dresses, a new spring/summer jacket and a really pretty purple shirt.  Then we went for a romantic dinner at Chez McD’s where I got my weird version of a Big Mac.  I called it the Fry Mac cause it’s a Big Mac with no meat.  You wouldn’t believe the strange looks I get from staff and other customers when I ask for no meat.  I guess it’s a pretty weird thing to get, but McDonald’s has yet to come out with a veggie burger.  It was such a great hang.  Casie you’re just a little ray of sunshine in my life :)

casie stewart, glee

After dinner I hopped on the streetcar to go home and was back in time for Glee!  The Power of Madonna episode is the best one I’ve seen all season and it really empowered and inspired me even more.  There is something about Madonna that makes you feel like you can do anything.  All the songs they covered were amazing – I loved Express Yourself, What it Feels Like for a Girl and my favourite of the night was Like A Prayer with a full choir!  That song is so powerful and it was the perfect ending to my day.  I can’t find the visual clip but here is an audio version for anyone who didn’t get to hear/see it.  Lea Michele can really sing and all of the cast are so talented.


Don’t just sit there and ruminate

I have had a really great long (4 day) weekend, so far.  I really needed some time off from my crazy busy life to relax and get myself focused and ready for the next few months.

On Friday I had a really great coffee date with Julie & Christine from the blog Seven Dollar Pants.  Both girls are super nice and cute and their blog is about life and style on a budget.  We had a great chat about blogging and we’re going to get together again soon so I can help them out with some tricks of the trade :) Such a pleasure to meet you both.

Christine, Me, Julie

After coffee I walked back to my house and put on shorts to sit in the sun on the porch with Chad and our neighbor Tim.  It was so warm and sunny we stayed outside until the sun started to go down.  After a quick dinner I needed a nap before I got ready to go out to the main event of the weekend….. Raymi’s Birthday Party.

Kristin and I got dressed and up to the Central around midnight and the party was in full swing.  Got to hang with some of my favourite blog girls, Raymi, Casie & Meredith.  I felt a little awkward that I didn’t get the jean shorts & tights memo, but managed to catch up to them in drinking so we were even :)

I met some cool new people, including Alison, who is friends with both my sis and Raymi.  Another friend of ours, Carrie, made a delicious Blythe cake for Raymi and I was pretty excited to try one of her cakes.  It’s a funny story how I actually “met” Carrie.  Once upon a time I was dating a boy, that was kinda dating her, and another girl and I found out about it and the rest is history.  We’ve ran into each other a bunch of times and I actually found Raymi’s blog for the first time through Carrie’s blog.

We left around 1:30 because my sis had to work and I was ready for bed.  It’s amazing how tired a day in the sun makes you, even if you have a nap.  Friday was a great day filled with interesting people.  A good start to my holiday.