Wanna Party at Wakestock?

Summer Concert Season is in full swing!  I’m off to Lilith Fair this afternoon with Casie and then August 6-8 I’ll be up in Collingwood for Wakestock Canada!

Gonna hook up with three of my favourite blog girls Raymi the Minx, Casie Stewart & Lauren O’Nizzle and we’ll be partying it up with a weekend of Babes, Beers & Bikinis and you should come too!

Our friends at Wakestock have put together a special discount just for our friends & readers!  It’s the  Social Ticket Offer and it’s only $55 for a 3-day pass.  Just click the link and enter the password: Partygirl.  The offer is valid until 10:00am on Thurs. July 29 so get your tickets now if you want to come and party with us!

I am super stoked to see some of my favourite bands play.  Performing this year @WakestockCanada are Public Enemy, Alexisonfire (AOF), Crash Kings, my friends U.S.S. & Maestro Fresh Wes., Hollerado and my new favourite artist KO!  We’re gonna be all over the festival, watching the wakeboarders, hanging out backstage, checking out the afterparties and anywhere we can to have the ultimate Wakestock experience.

It’s gonna be an awesome weekend and if you’re gonna come out, let us know!

HTV on MOD, Sailor Jerry and RandomTO

Yesterday was Hail The Villain‘s debut album release for Population: Declining and they played at MOD. I’m too old for the audience so I got to sit behind the scenes and watch with Casie and the other girlfriends of the band.  It was so awesome to see them live and Bryan requested DWW Your Man as the video they wanted to see.

I kinda saved the day because Sarah Taylor asked for a Villain shirt on air and luckily I had brought the two brand new ones Chad gave to me.  Joe thought it was a shirt from their TM Jawsh and they said thanks to him on air.  Oh well, there’s a glimpse of me on camera giving the shirt to Joe.  haha.

It was Casie’s first time seeing them live and i always love when new people see them.  HTV is an amazing live band and I got their Runaway performance on video (sounds not that great).  Make sure you check out the MOD site for their interview, music video and live performance of Take Back The Fear.  For the rest of the photos check my Picasa.

After MOD Casie and I went for drinks at the Firkin with Wynn – he’s the best – and then we headed to the Sailor Jerry Rum party at Lavish & Squalor’s upstairs.  There’s nothing better than going to a cool party where they give you drink tickets and yummy food.  It was the Toronto screening of the Sailor Jerry movie and a totally different mix of people that I hadn’t met before.  I finally got to meet Anna Von from Pink Mafia, which was pretty cool.  I took a terrible photo of us, so it’s not getting posted.  She’s built a great company and brand and I’d love to get more involved with them.

Then we headed to the Rivoli to meet up with Chad and his label & management people.  My sis was finished filming for the day and was there, so we stayed for a drink and then we called it a night.  I was so ready for bed by the time we got in and crashed right away.

I got two packages full of goodies today from my new friends at The Shopping Channel.  They sent the Summer Beauty Bag which has full and samples sizes of new skin, hair care, cosmetic & spa stuff in a nice big tote bag that will be perfect for the beach.  They also sent me their new line of hair care from Living Proof.  I love new things and I can’t wait to give myself some pampering while Chad’s away this weekend.

Tonight I was invited to an exclusive preview & launch party for Spice Safar by a company that I had never heard of before called ReiCura.  I was pretty excited because in their email it said that people in their office are big followers of my blog and they wanted to invite me as their guest.  I went with Casie, who got the same letter, and when we went in they handed us a menu with $15 martinis & $18 platters and asked if we’d like to start a tab.  I was totally turned off by that and we left right away.  If anyone wants me to come and write about their event then it has to be worth my while.  It was really lame of the company to trick us like that, and especially sending a form letter that says they read my site.  I doubt they do.

We randomly bumped into Sean Ward on the corner of King & Spadina and went to meet the group at #RandomTO.  It was my very first time going to one of them and we all crowded upstairs at Hey Lucy for $4 martinis.  Ms Currybomb showed up and I met Lauren O’Nizzle in person.  She’s another cute little blonde girl blogger.  Such a babe and she’s got the sweet gig of blogging for MuchMusic & the MMVA’s.  Check her out and vote up so she can interview the celebs on the red carpet.

Home for the night now and made a milkshake.  Gotta get some work done and catch up on my Glee.  I’ve ignored everything online about it so I can be surprised.