Meet The Headhunter

I’m featured today on the IQ Partners Blog as the latest subject for our Meet The Headhunter series. I’ve also got a spiffy new profile photo courtesy of Jenna 🙂

Check it out!

Meet The Headhunter: Carly-Anne Fairlie, Public Relations Recruiter

Feel free to connect with me at fairlie[at] if you have hiring needs or if you are looking to make your next move. My specialty is in Public Relations but my practice area is Marketing Services, so Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations with a focus on digital, social media, SEO/SEM and analytics.


Current Opportunities as of March 03, 2014

I walked in today to a whole pile of new searches, which is a great start to March! I’ve got 2 roles in California, 2 in Guelph, ON and 2 in Toronto. Pretty exciting to be working on searches across North America in 2 different time zones.

As always, please share with your friends or colleagues and feel free to send resumes, referrals and e-introductions to fairlie[at]


Current Opportunities Jan 10, 2014

This has been a very busy first week of the year for me at IQ Partners and I’ve got some great new roles that I’m working on.

Please feel free to share with your friends and colleagues.  Send resumes & referrals to fairlie [at]


We’ve also got a whole pile of new searches on the IQ Partners Current Opportunities page so make sure you check it out as well.

Want to work with me at IQ PARTNERS?

We are hiring an Administrative Assistant!  If you know me IRL, you’ve heard how much I love working at such a great company, and if you haven’t, you may have read my 1 Year Anniversary post that says  it pretty well.

This is the opportunity to work with a great group of really smart people, in a company that is growing and at the top of our game.  We definitely work hard and we know how to have a good time.  There is a real sense of team at IQ PARTNERS and you should come be a part of it!

So click the link below to check out the job description and if it’s a fit for you then send me a copy of your resume to  If you know someone great, please share with your friends.

IQ PARTNERS Administrative Assistant