Happy New Year

Today is the official start of 2018 for me. We spent the past few weeks in Florida visiting family and enjoying the beginning of the year and I did absolutely nothing but enjoy myself. It’s… View Post

Planning for next year

I am a person who likes (and needs) to plan, organize and write down my days and life. Last year I went on the hunt for the perfect day planner for my needs and after… View Post

My Goals for 2016

I love setting New Years Goals. and as a January 1st baby, it’s the perfect time for me to take stock of the past year, check off any milestones and revamp my goals for the… View Post

Carly-Anne’s Resolutions for 2013

Now that we are halfway into January it is time for me to compile my list of goals or resolutions for 2013. I’ve been thinking hard over the past two weeks on what I want… View Post

2011 Resolutions and Goals

“January is filled with many defining moments for you. Four planets are in Capricorn, and on January 4th, a Capricorn solar eclipse marks your personal new year in a major way.”- from my January horoscope… View Post