Harlettes, Hot Box Cafe & Glee!

Yesterday was 4/20, as you probably all know.  I cut my work day short and went to meet Casie at work so we could go to the Hot Box Cafe and watch Raymi & The Harlettes perform.  It was a beautiful day and we met up with Sabrina and Alex on our way.  I was feeling so happy and inspired walking down Queen in the sun, with 3 babes.

raymi, raymi the minx, babe

We got to Hot Box and I got ID’d!  It made my day even better that I don’t look 19.  There was an awesome reggae band playing when we first got there – the guys name was Sun Ray (sp?) – and a ton of cool peeps hanging out and doing their 4/20 thing.

reggae, band, music, hotbox cafe

They had a munchies menu and servers walking around the patio with trays of drinks, sandwiches and brownies. I had the yummiest vegan sandwich – tomato, avocado, sprouts, cucumber & spicy hummus – and a pink lemonade.

burlesque, harlettes

We watched the Harlette’s perform on the rooftop (hard to get a clear photo) sans Raymi – she danced in the earlier performance which you can see on her blog HERE.  And then Chesty LaRue did a solo performance.  She is hot and a really great performer.  I love burlesque dancers and always wanted to be one.  Maybe I’ll try it out someday.

harlettes, chesty larue, burlesque

After Harlettes 2 members of The Salads performed an acoustic set, which was awesome.  We sat on the patio in the sun for a couple hours and then Shaun came in with a nice surprise before he went to get tattooed.  I love Shaun, he’s a real sweetheart and one of my favourite people.

hotbox cafe, the salads, live music, acoustic

Casie & I finally left around 6:30 and walked down to Queen to go home.  She told me about this great store where everything is $12.99 so we went to check it out and I got two cute dresses, a new spring/summer jacket and a really pretty purple shirt.  Then we went for a romantic dinner at Chez McD’s where I got my weird version of a Big Mac.  I called it the Fry Mac cause it’s a Big Mac with no meat.  You wouldn’t believe the strange looks I get from staff and other customers when I ask for no meat.  I guess it’s a pretty weird thing to get, but McDonald’s has yet to come out with a veggie burger.  It was such a great hang.  Casie you’re just a little ray of sunshine in my life :)

casie stewart, glee

After dinner I hopped on the streetcar to go home and was back in time for Glee!  The Power of Madonna episode is the best one I’ve seen all season and it really empowered and inspired me even more.  There is something about Madonna that makes you feel like you can do anything.  All the songs they covered were amazing – I loved Express Yourself, What it Feels Like for a Girl and my favourite of the night was Like A Prayer with a full choir!  That song is so powerful and it was the perfect ending to my day.  I can’t find the visual clip but here is an audio version for anyone who didn’t get to hear/see it.  Lea Michele can really sing and all of the cast are so talented.


Notable TV’s Samsung 3D TV Launch

Last Thursday I was invited to Notable TV’s preview of the new Samsung 3D TV, with my sister Kristin.  As always, Julian Brass puts on a fabulous party, and this time we were at Andrew Richards Design.  You may remember I went there for the afterparty for Cabbie’s Ping Pong Tournament.  We met up with Casie, Sean, Sabrina, Chris and I ran into Maria from Warner Canada.

Kristin wrecked her just painted nails on the way to the party and it looked like a 15

The ladies of Kissette were there to DJ and they definitely set the party mood.  We had blueberry martinis, my first time having Hypnotic…haha,  and watched Monsters vs Aliens and Soccer on the 3D TV’s.

What’s neat about this TV is that it is a regular 46″ 2D HDTV and you push a button to turn on 3D mode.  It comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses, that plug into your TV to charge, a 3D Blue Ray player and a copy of Monsters vs Aliens in 3D.  What’s really cool is that the TV does 2D to 3D conversion, so you watch non-3D movies in 3D!!!  The demonstrater (I forgot his name, sorry!) said that it works best with animation, but you can try your live action movies or shows as well.

One thing I didn’t like was wearing the glasses.  They’re like the wraparound sunglasses and were too big for my head.  I wonder if they make adjustable ones, or different sizes?

It was a great night and thanks to Julian and Notable TV for inviting us out to such a great event!

Matthew Good Live at the Concert Hall

On Sunday Dec 13 I got an early Christmas present from Kathryn. She took me to see Matthew Good’s Live at the Concert Hall taping. I was so excited to go and see him play songs from the new album Vancouver. I have been fan of his since the first album “Last of the Ghetto Astronauts” came out. I’ve seen more of his concerts than any other artist and he has never disappointed at a show.

We had 2nd row seats and the camera guy was sitting in front of me, so it was really like a front row seat, since he was up and crouched near the stage. I can’t remember the exact set list from the show but he did play Great Whales of the Sea, Born Losers & Strange Days which are some of my favourites. There is just something about his music that pulls at my emotions. I think he is a brilliant writer and applaud that he is who he is, and doesn’t try to bend to what a “rock star” should be.

I wish I could’ve brought my camera inside, but it will air on Feb 23 at 10pm on Bravo. I will probably be on camera, since pink hair seems to attract a lot of attention. I don’t mind though

It was a great night and such a thoughtful gift. Thank you so much Kathryn. You really are a great friend and I’m lucky to have you.