SD + R Fashion Show

On Sunday March 28  SD+R Clothing (Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ roll) had their fashion show at Tattoo Rock Parlour.  I’m a big fan of the SD + R guys and they made me a custom hoodie to wear to the show!  It’s pretty awesome and a great representation of the rock n’ roll feel of their line.  Of course it has pink in it, and what you can’t really see is that the ties for the hood are made of chain with little guns on the end. (excuse my hungover face)

SD + R is a clothing line and they custom-make pieces of deconstructed and reconstructed apparel.

Their bikinis & bathing suits are hot and made me realize I really need to get in shape for the summer season.  I didn’t get a lot of good pictures, but here are some of them the turned out well.

UPDATE: The bikinis/swimwear are by Sarah Scotford (thanks Michelle) and I am absolutely IN LOVE with them.

Black bikini with gold studs

They had a few of their celebrity clients in the show, most noticeably James Latkowski, a former Canadian Wrestler (WWE?  I’m not sure of his wrestling name) and he was also in the film Poker Night with my sister.

This girl was super hot and her outfits were my favorites.

I want all three of these outfits.  Wish I had’ve gotten better photos, but that just means you’ll have to check out their store front at 316 Adelaide St W.

The boys are looking sharp.  From L-R: Drew & Chad from Hail the Villain, Kap (DWW), Shaun & Diggy (DWW).

UPDATE: Here’s are links to the SD+R photos from the show. one two three

Down With Webster It’s Time To Win Video Shoot

***This post was one of the lost kaponetwo entries, but thanks to Wayback Machine web archive I was able to restore it!***

This Wed was Down With Webster’s music video shoot for Time To Win, which I’m guessing will be ther first single off the album.  This is my favourite song and it’s because my sister and I are cheering on it.  Yep.  We are the “It’s Time To Win” girls.  It’s pretty cool and we’ll actually be on the album version.  Yeah DWW!

We took a taxi to the Mod Club for 6pm.  This is me and Kat, Diggy’s sister.  I love that all the siblings are friends too.



We were VIP.  Of course.


Kathryn, Kristin and Kat.  Kristin an I both reconstructed our DWW t-shirts.  Way cooler.


We were so freaking hungry and the craft services was not meant for us.  We ate it anyways and then went across the street to get subway.  Luckily we all had big purses so we snuck them in and had a picnic upstairs.  Best sub ever.


Setting up the shots before they let the crowd in.

Some of these photos are courtesy of Kalen from Visionary Eye.



Kap and Me.  Matching faces.


There were about 250 fans that showed up to be in the crowd shots.  They all did such an awesome job.  People were crowd surfing and stage diving.  So crazy!



My favourite boys all on one stage.  DWW is going to take over the world.



Me and my not-twin sister.  People keep asking us if we’re twins.  It’s become much more frequent recently.  Weird.


And the Kap’s.  This photo is going straight to Mom.  Even though Kyle is all sweaty.


Diggy is a lucky man.  You can kinda see the shirt I made.  I cut up a t-shirt and made a tube top.  I like when my tattoos show.


Me, Kristin and Kalen