Beer Boutique in Liberty Village

On Monday night I went to the preview of the new Beer Store in Liberty Village, the Beer Boutique.  I think it’s a great idea for a beer store to be set up like this.  I love to walk around a self-serve store to check out what’s new and different.  I always feel rushed when I go to The Beer Store and have to choose what I want from a list on the wall.

I loved the layout of the store, open concept with exposed brick walls, heavy wooden tables, old beer barrels and a modern, rustic feel.  Casie commented on how straight and lined up everything was (photo by her)


I went with Casie, Sabrina and Alex and ended up seeing a whole bunch of awesome people that I hadn’t seen in a while.   We had a pretty fun time and got there early, before all the politicians (seriously!) and crowd arrived.
So good to see all you guys April, Raymi, Brock, Keri, Christine & Julie and Erin and we ate, drank and danced till 9pm.  I love short events like this 6-9, in and out.

I also got to try Stella Artois Legere for the first time and I think it’s going to be my new summer beer.

Speaking of Stella Artois Légère, have you voted for your neighbourhood’s chance to host the Ultimate Block Party?  go to, scroll down til you see VOTE and then vote for your neighbourhood (East End!!)

Thanks to the team at The Beer Store for the invite and I hope you bring a Beer Boutique to the Beach!

And thanks to CASIE for the photos.  I forgot my camera so I stole them off her site 🙂

Pepsi Throwback @ Revival

On Tuesday Kristin and I went to the Pepsi Throwback party at Revival hosted by Keisha Chante and Casie Stewart.  My first Tweet-Up since TIFF last year.  We stayed long enough to have a couple Pepsi Throwback’s, watch 80’s band The Spoons and say Hi to some friends that I hadn’t seen in ages.  Then it was back to moving in to the new place.  I can’t wait til it’s all done and I’m settled in.



Here’s a video of the party made by Rannia aka @photojunkie.  Thanks to Casie for the invite.

Date night with Casie

Last night I went to the Hotmail & Cocktails event as Casie‘s date.  It in the Distillery District and it looked so magical at night with the big Christmas tree and lights.  It’s the first I’d really thought about Christmas this year and I’m really looking forward to it.

The event was at Stirling, which I’d never been to and it was a pretty nice space.  The open bar was definitely a hit and they served us sweet potato fries, asian style vegetables & noodles and sliders.  And there was an amazing dessert tray which we conveniently sat beside.  Sooo good.  Hotmail seems to be pulling out some interesting new features – check out the #HMCocktails Twitter for all the details.  I’m a die hard Gmail user and I’m not sure I’d ever go back to Hotmail but they have definitely been paying attention to what their email users are saying.  Less spam, larger & easier attachments, better previews in mail and a Sweep function.

After the presentation we walked over to Betty’s for drinks and I got to meet Andy the iPad.  He’s the first iPad I’ve ever seen and I’m going to have to play around with one more before I really want one.

Casie I <3 you so much.  Thanks for taking me out on a date and holding hands across the table :) It was so great to hang out, have some girl time and catch up.

My Bud Camp

Back in August Casie and I went to Bud Camp, courtesy of Andrew Gayle & Mosaic.  I posted the video but not any of the photos.  You can see all the photos HERE

We took the bus up with the Bud Girls and the whole group of them were really nice and fun.  It was a long ride and our cell phones stopped working about halfway there.  No service near Napanee and it was a race to see which cell company would work when we got to camp.  My Bell phone worked most of the way and I was able to get reception at some places in the camp.

First night was a party, they had a cover band from Quebec that were pretty awesome and we stayed got shuttled back to our bed & breakfast around 2am.  Didn’t get woken up on Saturday until 11am and we missed out on White Water Rafting (but we didn’t care).

We had the choice of staying in one of these cabins – no heat, hydro, bathrooms or at a bed & breakfast offsite.  We chose the bed & breakfast offsite & shared it with Brock & T-Rex (the 1 Love TO guys) and their friend Avery.

I’m clashing all over the place.  Red & pink all weekend.

Me with some babes

It was POURING rain and freezing cold, so we ate breakfast and sat in front of the fire.  Ended up meeting Colin & Troy, who also didn’t make it to rafting.  Colin runs Boonstock, which Hail The Villain played at on their summer tour and Troy is a crazy snowmobiler on Team Thunderstruck.  Ended up spending the day with them and a couple other people who didn’t make it to the activities, keeping dry & warm, drinking and walking around when there was a break in the rain.

This is me & Casie not 4 wheeling in the rain.

We seemed to be a bit of a novelty at the camp.  Non-Bud girls and Non-Winners.  Everyone wanted to take pictures with us.  These guys may or may not have just told us they found a bar close by.

This was our little chipmunk friend outside one of the cabins we hung out in.  He was super friendly and came right up and took nuts out of Troy’s hand.  Casie didn’t really like the chipmunk :)

This is Casie & I not doing Paintball – although we didn’t do the activities we had a blast.  I love doing Bud Camp our way.

And then the Vitamin water silly starts.

Guess who’s feet were cold and wet?

The food at Bud Camp was amazing.  They actually had vegetarian options and I was in heaven.  This was a veggie chili in a bread bowl and it saved my life after a day of drinking.  Eating this is what led to me not having to leave the party early :)

On Saturday night The Arkells played and it was my first time hearing them live.  I got to be up on someone’s shoulders for most of the show until security made us get down.  After the show was a huge fireworks display and then they lit a car on fire.  Crazy.  Everyone was cool at Bud Camp.  There weren’t any fights that I saw/heard of, people were just laughing, dancing and partying.

After the Bud Girls went back to their hotel it turned into an all guys dance party.  It was so hilarious to watch all the jocks try and show each other up.  Guys were doing flips, kartwheels, handstands and ripping off their shirts.  I’ve never seen anything like it and we couldn’t stop watching.  So crazy.

Thanks to Andrew Gayle and everyone at Mosaic & Bud Camp for taking us up there and showing us a great time.  I hope we get to go again next year and I hope we get to go on the Bud Light Cruise!

TIFF 2010 So Far…

Oh my goodness this has been a crazy 3 days.  I’m still in my PJ’s, recovering from the last few nights and saving up my energy for tonight’s festivities.  Here’s the photos I’ve taken and a recap of what I’ve been up to so far this TIFF.

Thursday was the Stella Artois party at the Drake SkyYard.  Met up with Casie and Much VJ hopeful Brock McLaughlin.  We got inside and there were a bunch of TO bloggers already there, Corey, Sean, Emma.  My bro & his gf ended up coming by and then Bucky, Matt, Randall from Much.  After the Stella launch we headed back to the beach to change and ended up hooking up with Rhianne & Carri and stayed in the East end for the rest of the evening.  Check out Sean‘s video of the event.

Me & Bucky – my favourite town

Reporting for Sean Ward – photo by Casie

Friday was the Vitamin Water Backyard opening and Lauren gave me a VIP invite (thanks lady!)  Tons of social media/bloggers out and got to meet some new people and see some friends.  Love the backyard area and party tent.  There was plenty of Vitamin water to drink and they made some pretty nifty cocktails with the Vitamin Water & Vodka – I drank the pink one all evening :) Michael had an extra ticket to the premier of Stone starring Robert DeNiro, Edward Norton, Milla Jovovich & Frances Conroy.  It was a really good movie and the cast had a Q&A afterwards.  Then I headed over to Tattoo with some new friends Jenn, Brock, Courtney & met up with Curtis Santiago.  Slash was the guest of honour at Tattoo and I was hanging with my Dwight, the DJ in the booth right beside him.  I was 2 feet away but wasn’t able to meet him.  Too bad.

Love this girl.  Working hard.

Casie’s Barbie Doll Sabrina

Andrew Stewart with some random business card :)

Blonde babes Anna Cyzon & Casie Stewart

Last night I went back to the Vitamin Water Backyard for The Conspirator after party.  Got to meet and chat with Justin Long – he was really nice but likes to take weird photos.  Afterwards went to the Soho House and met Dominic Cooper – but didn’t know it was him – and the crew behind the TIFF film Janie Jones.  After that I headed home and crashed.  Got a few places to go to tonight but am not sure if I’m gonna go out or not.

Have you guys been out at TIFF?  Seen anyone famous?

He really likes me….