Show and Tell for February 2, 2018

Yesterday was my first Yoga Babies class at Toronto Yoga Mama’s and Abigail & I both loved it! I’m pretty sore today but can’t wait for our classes next week. It’s really amazing how much my body changed during pregnancy (and how much muscle I lost)! Being sick for 9 months really took a toll on me and I’m really looking forward to gaining my strength back.

  • My 2018 Day Designer* finally arrived yesterday and I am going to spend the weekend organizing my goals and planning for the year. I was late ordering it this year, so my wall calendar in the kitchen is full of scribbles 🙂
  • Abigail is now 5 months so we started her on solid food (as per our doctor). I had no idea what to feed her and someone share this Wee Little Ones Weaning Chart by Kat French Designs and it has been super helpful. So far we’ve had some sweet potato and avocado!
  • I thought this was neat. The Friendship Lamp is a lamp that lights up at your friends house when you touch the one at your house.
  • The Rebel Mama blog is one of my lifesavers now that I’m a Mom (that is still very weird to say/write!). The wrote this great article called “Hot Tips for Raising a Feminist” and it’s a good read for parents and non-parents alike.
  • When I started blogging (in 2008 on Blogger and then officially at back in Feb 2009) there weren’t alot of us in Toronto. I was inspired first by Raymi, Casie, Xiaxue and Gala Darling and thought I love to write, so why not do it too. Now the market is oversaturated with “influencers” and I found this article (I think shared by Casie) Time to Address the Elephant in the Room to be a pretty interesting read.
  • I LOVE my InstantPot and have been using it pretty often for meals. These 10 Incredible Ways You Should Be Using Your Instant Pot are actually pretty smart. If you know me IRl, you know I love my egg salad sandwiches, but I never thought to use the InstantPot for them!
  • Of course, Buzzfeed has a great post on 27 Amazing Charts That Will Turn You Into A Baking Whiz. Some really great and helpful tips!
  • I’ve posted about the kids story book “Go The Fuck To Sleep” back in 2011 but I just found this video of Samuel L. Jackson reading it. So good.



That’s it for this week! Have a great weekend.




* I am a Day Designer affiliate so if you purchase using that link, I get a little something