Volunteering for TEAM Cat Rescue

After my Harley passed away, I didn’t think I could have another cat, so I decided to become a cat foster and applied to TEAM Cat Rescue in the summer of 2015.

On September 08, 2015 my first foster cat, Ridley arrived. He was a guy who had been adopted out but returned for no fault of his own. He was pretty mad when he arrived but over the next few days and weeks he began to warm up, allowing us to give him some pats and belly rubs (and then biting you HARD when he’d had enough!).


After a month of fostering him, I got a call that someone was interested in adopting him. I had completely fallen in love with this silly, crazy and still angry cat and couldn’t imagine him going somewhere else and starting over. So Jason let me Foster Fail and we adopted Ridley on October 07, 2015.

Our next foster came on October 17 and it was 2 almost-4-week-old kittens. Victor and Coraline were so little and had to be fed every 4 hours with a syringe.

Victor and Coraline

Victor ended up getting sick and the poor little guy had to spend a couple nights at the vet and Coraline wouldn’t let me put her down while he was gone. This introduced her to Finn, who was instantly smitten with the little Calico kitten. Victor recovered and came back to our house and was introduced to Finn and I’ve never seen a happier puppy to finally have his very own cat friends.

Finn & his kittens


As the kittens grew older and were allowed out of their room, we were a bit nervous about introducing Ridley. The minute he realized they were two little kittens, his whole demeanor changed into “big cat brother”. He started coming around more, even giving Finn a chance to get close enough to sniff each other and spent the majority of his time near the kittens.

Ridley, Victor & Coraline


Ridley, Victor, Finn & Coraline napping on the couch

When the kittens were old enough to be adopted, I was having a pretty hard time letting them go and wanted to adopt them both. I got a hard NO to 3 cats in the house, but luckily one of our friends was looking for a new orange kitten as one of his cats had passed away and the other guy was lonely.  So Victor was adopted by our friend and Jason agreed to adopt the little crazy calico.

The Three Muskateers – Ridley, Coraline & Finn

It’s been a great year with our new cats, but I’m no longer allowed to foster (says Jason) because I can’t let them go! So when TEAM Cat Rescue put out the call for Adoption Screening Volunteers, I jumped on board and am working on my first application.

It’s a great community of volunteers who really care about the cats. I’m so happy to be involved and will hopefully get to talk to one of you in the near future to adopt one of our cats!

I’m super excited to be a part of this wonderful rescue and you’ll be seeing some adoptable kitties on the blog in the near future.

Get out there and volunteer!