Planning for next year

I am a person who likes (and needs) to plan, organize and write down my days and life. Last year I went on the hunt for the perfect day planner for my needs and after trying out a few different ones, I finally found the Day Designer.

It has been a great planner for me. I love the day-per-page layout, goal setting worksheets and daily gratitude. The community and inspiration that comes along with Day Designer has also been a pretty great resource as well. Each month they share free downloadable pages and challenges. You saw that I posted about the “Daily Gratitude Challenge” last month, which I actually completed, and it was a great exercise to take a step back and think about things I’m lucky to have in my life.

I’ve just purchased my 2017 Day Designer and got the brand new 2017 Mini Edition in the Pink Painterly Stripe, Belle & Blush exclusive edition design. It was a very hard decision between this one and the black & white striped cover that I had last year. Like seriously I had to ask a few of my work friends which one to choose!

I’m super excited for this to arrive so I can begin planning for 2017. I’ve got some dreams spinning around in my head that I need to get sorted out and written down.

Because I love the Day Designer so much, I signed up to be an affiliate,  so if you’re looking for a great new planner and click through from my blog link to purchase from their site, I get a little something back.

Happy Planning!