Practicing Gratitude

I love my Day Designer planner and part of the reason is the inspiring community that came with it. For the month of November, Day Designer has created the Daily Gratitude Challenge – a month long challenge with a free page to download – and the goal is to write down every day what you are most grateful for.

The Day Designer has a Daily Gratitude box, but it’s honestly not something I use most of the time and it’s a really good habit to get into. It gets hard to think of the positives¬† when life throws you curveballs.

So for the past 13 day I have been doing just that and it’s been refreshing to think of something different every day. It allows me some time to be peaceful and reflect on the good things in my life.

So why don’t you put a little more gratitude in your life and join me in this challenge! Click the image below to get to free download.

Oh – and this is a post just from me, because I appreciate the positive message and want to spread it. No advertising here!