Phenomenal woman, That’s me

Maya Angelou recites Phenomenal Woman

“I’m With Her”

This is so much more than a political slogan. To me it is a call to action, a movement for the modern age, in a time where women are still not equal citizens to men. The HER is all of us who are working hard to get to the top of our careers, have control over our sexuality, our bodies and decisions as well as the opportunity to be anything we want including mothers and homemakers.

This was the first time a women has been seriously considered for THE top job in the modern world. American citizen or not, willing to admit it or not, the Presidency of USA is the definition of rising to the top.

Whether you were for or against Hilary, I don’t really care. She inspired me and a generation of women and in my opinion, handled the storm of the election trail with grace and dignity. I have immense respect for her and the road she has forged so that women can reach the top, stand up for ourselves and continue to fight for what is right.

My sister said it to me perfectly – she woke up one morning a few days ago with a sense of hope and peace. A woman was poised to become the President and she would work hard to bring about more positive change.  I felt it too and it also made me feel a sense of empowerment that we were about to break that last glass ceiling and usher in a new age, where a woman really can be anything she wants to be.

The shock to awake and find out that this was not going to be a reality was heartbreaking and opened my eyes even wider to the world we live in. The hate and anger that has spewed forth on all side since then has been unacceptable and we need to put a stop to it and work together for our collective future.

Yes I am a feminist. I have a voice and I will continue to use it. I am going to stay gracious and stand up for what I believe in and for those who do not have voices. I will do everything I can to be a positive engine of change.

So ladies, I’m With HER and I encourage you to join me. It’s time.