My Goals for 2016

I love setting New Years Goals. and as a January 1st baby, it’s the perfect time for me to take stock of the past year, check off any milestones and revamp my goals for the following year. I like to write them down to keep me accountable and to keep the memory of what I think is important each year. Here are my 2011, 2013 & 2015 goal posts – you’ll notice a theme throughout of being healthier and more active, getting better organized and blogging!


Here are my goals (in no order of importance) for 2016.

  1. Do a better job at writing memories for our Memory Jar
    • You may remember my Memory Jar post – since Jan 2013 Jason & I write down memories, put them in a jar and read each New Year. Well in 2015 we didn’t do a very good job of keeping it up – we only had 4 each to read – but we did a “Wedding Memory Jar” to open on our 1 year anniversary.
  2. Start and stick to a fitness routine
    • I have 2 daily exercise routines pinned to my bulletin board (here and here) and I’d like to do them each weekday morning.
    • I’ve also signed up to a new Yoga With Adrienne Challenge – Yoga Camp and her 30 Days of Yoga is also a great challenge to get you in the habit
    • I’ve also downloaded the SworkIt app, which was a recco from Amber Mac
  3. Make and use a Home Organizer board
    1. I found this one on Pinterest from Girl Loves Glam and am going to keep our lives on track!
  4. Eat cleaner & healthier
    • As a vegetarian I’m a fairly healthy eater, but I do eat way too much bread and cheese. It’s also a challenge to make healthy dinners during the week when Jason is working so I’d like to create a weekly menus, and shopping list.
    • We still get our bi-weekly organic produce delivery from Front Door Organics and it’s a great way to keep stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies in the winter. Plus they send you healthy recipes with each box. I even got it for my parents for Christmas this year.
    • **If you would like to try out Front Door Organics, they currently have a 40% off your first Fresh Box on. Please put “Carly-Anne Fairlie” in the referral field if you sign up.**
  5. Get finances organized
    • Since we’ve been married, I’m largely in charge of our finances and set up all of our joint bills to auto withdrawal from our joint account. This was a great idea until the holidays – so I need review it.
    • We need to review and update our budget – I purchased the Gail Val Oxidaze budget planner a couple years ago and it was a HUGE help. We don’t use the “cash jars” though. I hate carrying money!
    • Set up monthly savings plan for personal & joint savings.
  6. Get/create new daily planner!
    • I love day planners, to do lists, goals and really anything that allows me to write down what I need to do. I have had a bunch of different planners over the years (from the Staples Daily Planner to Filofax Personal and Moleskin Colour-A-Month) but this year I really need something customizable. So I ordered the Happy Planner and have been pinning ideas for custom page inserts.
  7. Create a blog calendar
    1. I have been a bad blog girl and with a busy home/work life I find that my blog gets neglected. This year I want to created a blog calendar/weekly planner to get myself back on track.
    2. This is another reason why I need a custom day planner!
  8. Update blog design
    1. I also need a complete overhaul & refresh of this blog. I know how I want it to look in my head, so this year it’s time to educate myself on how to create it!
  9. Take a Web or Graphic Design Online Course
    1. And maybe look into something like Ladies Learning Code.
  10. Start sewing & knitting again!
    1. I used to sew all the time. I’ve made pants, dresses, skirts & scarves in the past, but haven’t done anything but sew buttons (ha!) for the past few years.
    2. I’m going to put together a monthly or bi-monthly project list so I can make some key wardrobe staples.
  11. Schedule friend dates.
    1. I am terrible at keeping up with my friends. It’s not that I don’t love you (because I really, really do!), but my work life is uber busy & scheduled – I talk on the phone with or meet people in person all day. It’s no excuse, but at the end of the day the last thing I think about is making plans. So I’m going to pick 1 day a week (or every 2 weeks/1 month) and have a lunch, drinks or dinner date with friends.

It’s a big list for 2016, but I am ready to take on the world!

Happy Goal Setting 🙂






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