So I gave Uber another try…

This morning I was running behind and needed to take a taxi to work. My brother has been telling me to give Uber another try, so I downloaded the app and booked my Black Car. I decided to blog my journey today, so here is my Uber story.

Ordered a Black Car at 8:44am. The estimated arrival time is 8:54am – off to a good start.

My driver was on the Don Valley Parkway, so the actual arrival time of the car was 9:00am. My Black Car was a Black SUV – not a good start because I bet it costs more. My driver was facing East on Dundas so has to turn around. I verbally pointed out the turnaroundĀ  road to his left, he drives past it to the next street and does a U Turn.

I ask my driver to take Lakeshore, he says it’s too busy. We drive South on Coxwell and then head West on Eastern – but the road is closed, so we have no choice but to go North to Queen St. Now we’re heading West on Queen St in traffic. It’s 9:09am now and we’re at Queen & Larchmount.

We finally get to Pape and he heads South to Eastern Ave again. The GPS is telling him to turn left at Booth Ave to get onto the Gardiner. The driver goes past Booth Ave into a construction zone – one lane of traffic with a police officer directing and we are at a standstill. It is 9:18am.

We finally start moving and get to the stoplights at Cherry & Front and now he decides to turn left to get to Lakeshore. I tell him to please just keep going West on Front. It’s now 9:23am.

At 9:30am on the dot I’m finally at work. A 15-17 minute car ride (I’ve timed it numerous times) took 30 with Uber and cost me $43, which is double what I pay for a cab.

And that’s how I got to work.