Getting to the elusive Inbox Zero

Today is April Fools Day, but I’m not playing any jokes or pranks this morning. As soon as I hit publish on this post I am putting my head down to clear my inboxes to ZERO. It’s a daunting task – I have 2 personal emails, 1 business email, 1 Facebook email and 1 LinkedIn email to clean out. That’s a total of about 500 unread messages and I need to clean out the Spam folders as well!

My inspiration for this Spring Email Clean Out comes from This Beautiful Day’s post “How To Get Your Email Under Control“.

Part of my New Years Goals were to be more organized and to work smarter. I am definitely the type to leave emails unread if they are not part of my immediate mandated work and it’s hard to go back and clean out when I’ve moved onto the next thing.

So I’m putting my headphones on and giving myself until my 11:50am meeting today to get to my goal of “0” unread emails.

Wish me luck!