The Memory Jar

A couple years ago Jason sent me an neat idea to keep memories and since in January 2013 we have been keeping a Memory Jar. Ours isn’t anything fancy, just a cool old Mason Jar that my Mom gave me years ago. We keep it in the kitchen on the shelf above the stove so it’s in plain sight to remind us and we keep a pen and paper (an old Moleskine Colour A Month Planner) in it to make it ever easier.

The idea is to write down a memory of something fun that just happened or even a little gratitude for the person you’re sharing the memories with. You fold them up, put them in a jar and save them for a rainy day.

In our house, whenever one of us suggests it, we both write down a happy memory about the very recent past and also write something nice about each other. We’ve been saving them up for a year and reading them at the beginning of January. We’ve also had a couple of friends and my siblings write down a memory when we’ve been hanging out.

It’s been so fun to read what each other remembers about a random moment in time and there were things that we’d forgotten about. Reading other people’s notes have been really funny as well. When we had the big flood in Toronto in the summer of 2013, Kyle & Adam were over at the house and we greeted Jason with homemade BBQ short ribs and beers when he go home from work. Our memories were pretty silly from that evening.

Last year Finn finally destroyed his baby blanket (the one we brought him home with) so we put the last piece of the blanket along with a memory of the time and his weight (80lbs).

Finn still thinks he’s a teensy weensy baby dog

I’ve been keeping each year’s notes in a photo album and I can’t wait to read them all in 10 years or even 20! It really is the little things are the most important and I want to have something that was handwritten and more personal. Funny that we keep them in a photo album too. I’ve had it for years and had nothing to put in it!

Do you do anything special to keep memories? Feel free to share your ideas!