Halloween Costumes for Dogs

My friend Jenna sent me a link to a costume store and I’ve been sucked into looking at Dog Costumes. Finn is an XL sized guy, so there aren’t a lot of options for him, but if he would let me dress him up, then these could take his costume game to the next level. And I plan on dressing up with him and getting a set of white diamond grillz.

Here are my favourites:

SuperDog is a classic

I can’t imagine Finn letting us put a wig on his head!



The Ninja Turtle costumes kind of make your pup look like an “Atat”

I think the Stegosaurus is my favourite one


Now your little Pup can look like a princess too!

I like the Dapper Dogs – can also double as a wedding outfit!

A leprechaun!


And last, but not least, there is a sexy costume for your dog. In the “Career Dogs” section, you can find the Chip N Dale-esque “Strip N Dog” costume


Happy Haunting!