Pebble Smartstick Emergency Charger

A few weeks ago I received a pink Pebble Smartstick Emergency Charger in the mail from Mobile Fun Canada. I was really happy to review this because I am always in need of a charge! It came with a little case and 4 different charging ends (iPhone (30-pin), Micro USB, Mini USB, Sony Ericsson and Nokia).

Since I became a daily TTC rider I spend most of the time on my phone, and recently fell in love with the WordPress app, so I’ve been using my travel time to blog, post and work. As you can imagine, this drains my battery significantly I usually don’t make it through a full day with one charge.

It takes about 30 minutes for the Smartstick to charge itself (and you can do this via the USB port on your computer OR plugging in to the wall charger). It then takes about 30 minutes to fully charge your iPhone (less if you turn on the Airplane Mode). My brother and I both used the Smartstick to charge our iPhones – his from 0% battery to full and mine from 14% battery to full. I was really impressed that it had enough of it’s own battery life to give us both a charge.

The price point is fairly reasonable at $25.99 and it comes in pink, black, purple & blue.

A pretty decent option for an emergency charger. Check it out!