Oats & Ivy for lunch

For lunch last week, the ladies and I went to find the Oats & Ivy bicycle. I’d seen them on the street before and another colleague, Ariel, recommended it. What a great idea!

They serve fresh, healthy food and have a real vegetarian option. You can check out their website HERE for where they are each day as well as the menu.

Cate, Liz & I shared 2 orders of Avocado Salad Rolls (avocado, carrot, cucumber, pea shoots, romaine lettuce, rice paper wrap, sweet chili sauce).

And Judy had the Asian Chicken Slaw (organic chicken, pineapple, carrots, peppers, cabbage, sesame seeds, cilantro, mint, tahini dressing)

From the @OatsAndIvy Instagram

We also each had a black bean brownie, which was absolutely delicious and I highly recommend getting one. Oats &Ivy has cold pressed juices as well and we sampled the Ruby Tuesday and High Five juices.

If you’re in the downtown Toronto core at lunchtime, check out Oats & Ivy for a healthy option. You can also call ahead and have a lunch waiting for you and we’ll do that next time.