Raw Juice Guru Blogger Challenge – Post 5

Yesterday I felt terrible. I had a headache since the previous afternoon, was lethargic, couldn’t concentrate on work, had a stomach ache and was overall a miserable person. I wrote to the Raw Juice Guru‘s to tell them I thought I might have to stop the cleanse and they told me that it was too strong for me and that I needed to eat raw food (fruits and veggies) to supplement.

I ended up leaving work at 4pm and went home. I ate a banana and some raw peanuts and then napped with Finn and Harley for a couple of hours until Jason came home. I ate more peanuts for dinner had some mashed potatoes and raw carrots and then went to bed.

Today they sent me my final day of cleanse juice and switched me up to the Raw Food Cleanse, which was mentioned on a recent post on phhealth.co.uk and looks absolutely delicious and I’m really excited about. I now have 4 large juices to drink, 2 wheatgrass & pineapple shots and 2 big raw salads to eat.

The lesson to get out of this is do your research and listen to your body. I know quite a few people who are on a cleanse right now – from 3, 5 and 10 days. I spoke to a bunch of people about how I felt yesterday and some encouraged me to stick with it and some said to stop it and eat.

The right thing to do was to call the experts – in this case the Raw Juice Guru’s – and let them know what was going on with me so they can adjust what kind of cleanse I’m on. I believe that because I’m a vegetarian (and have been for about 10 years) I don’t have any of the meat toxins of a regular diet, so the cleanse was not the right one for me to do. [UPDATE: Being vegetarian is not accurate and you can see the info from the Raw Juice Guru themselves BELOW] I am disappointed that I had 2 days of not feeling well and not being productive at work. But live and learn right? Thankfully there is an expert there to guide me along the way.

So on a positive note I do feel less bloated today and will weight myself first thing tomorrow. I was 108lbs at the start – I honestly doubt that I lost weight and I don’t really need to. The goal for this was to jump start myself into a healthier routine.

Stay tuned for the final wrap up!


Here is the email from the Raw Juice Guru explaining a bit more about my reaction to the cleanse.

You being vegetarian had nothing to do with how your body reacted to the cleanse… Some people’s bodies can’t handle a straight juice cleanse, it’s too strong for them. So what we would do is incorporate raw food to make it easier for you.

The reason why the cleanse was too strong for you even though your juices were very fruity, is that you have a lot of built up toxins and sludge and your body is working extra hard to remove them… So we scale it back for the client. This is why we tailor the cleanses and deliver daily so we can track people’s progress and how they feel.‎ You being vegetarian for last 10 years does not mean your healthy. Toxins are not only in meat. They are also in fish, dairy, cheese, processed food, alcohol, coffee, energy drinks and let’s not forget stress…

…We don’t know how a person will react to a cleanse. And that’s why we keep track and ask questions. You didn’t feel well half way into day 1, so I kept an eye out for you. Made your day 2 juices a little more sweeter to see if that will help. And it didn’t, you said that you felt worse. So that’s when I put the brakes and said okay go have some raw food, fruits and veggies. And tomorrow we will include raw food for you…

Also…peanuts are extremely toxic and mashed potatoes are not raw [so they weren’t the right things to eat]

Thank you for the clarification Raw Juice Guru. This really helped and I am looking forward to my raw salads!