Raw Juice Guru Blogger Challenge – Post 3

So last night I cheated on my cleanse at about 10pm. I picked my brother up from school and we came home to a delicious meal made by Jason. I had a couple bites of mashed potatoes and a handful of raw peanuts, because I was super hungry. I’m not sure if it wrecked my cleanse but man I felt good after eating!

Today I woke up feeling pretty groggy and lethargic and have had a headache since yesterday afternoon. I went out to grab my fresh, cold-pressed organic juices for the day and had Juice #1 (Celery, cucumber, lemon, kale, parsley, cilantro, romaine,  apple) while I got ready. I’m very surprised that I haven’t been a fan of the green juices thus far. I usually go for the green juice when I buy it in the store, but it’s always very sweet and fruity. So far the green juices are very hearty, fresh and vegetabley.

I got in to work in time for a client call and then started on Juice #2 (Honeydew, cantaloupe). This was my favourite juice so far and it was delicious. Definitely a juice I would make myself.

I’ve still got a headache but it’s fading and I’ve got a super busy day today so keep this juiced up girl in your thoughts!