You’ve all seen photos of my baby dog Finn and hopefully read my post Happy 1st Birthday Finn. Well since that post went up I’ve been lucky enough to get messages from other families who have Golden Retreivers from Al Bain and I’ve had a lot of messages from people looking for a great dog and wanting to know about Al and his dogs.

Here is one of Finn’s 1/2 siblings Keeta.

KeetaIf you have one of Al Bain’s Golden Retrievers please reach out and share photos!


  • edward

    This is Beckett, we got him 3 years ago from Alan Bain, he’s an amazing dog.
    Very smart, and very loving. Does Alan still breed dogs?

  • Melissa

    I have 2 dogs from Al. 1 is 10 and the other is 7. My first dog Charlie was from Al as well but he was killed by a car at 1 year of age :(. My dogs are used all over tv, advertisements and such! You can See Symbahs face on Shoppers Drug Mart dog products called Amigo!