Show & Tell: Mar 14/14

Happy Friday!!

This week has kicked my butt. The time change and weather freak out really messed with my internal clock and I’ve not been sleeping well and getting up super late in the morning. I need to get myself sorted out this weekend so I can be on point next week. How about you? Did this week (time change/weather) mess with you? Anyone else feeling out of it this week?

Enough whining from me. Here’s a Show & Tell to keep you busy over your lunch break.

  •  I like free stuff. I’m pretty sure you do too. Here are 13 Things You Can Get For Free Right Now
  • My colleague Adrian sent me this last year when it was just a Kickstarter project. It’s called Everpurse and it’s basically a purse that charges your cell phone – wire free. I NEED one desperately because I’m always running out of battery and when I was given a portable battery charger at the AutoShow it got stolen almost immediately when I set my bag down 🙁
  • I’ve been trying to become more financially responsible because I want to buy lots of things, go on trips and eventually buy a house in Toronto & a beach house on an island :). This article was posted last year and I found it again in my inbox today. Read it. The “Oh Sh**” List & 14 Other Invaluable Financial Lessons You Need to Know Now
  • I bring my lunch to work most days and I have to say that I am the least creative person when it comes to making a lunch (unlike Pony). I’ve been collection ideas for easy work lunches and love this Salad-In-A-Jar-101 post from Back To Her Roots.
  • Pony was on a roll sending me good articles and on Sunday I made him try Oil Pulling. It was a little bit gross – the oil really melts and mixes with your spit (ugh) – but my mouth and I felt amazing afterwards. I’m going to try to get myself in the habit of doing it and thanks to FashionLush for the great post.
  • In last week’s Show & Tell I posted The Useless Web and have since been wasting time on it. And one of the pages is Organ Trail – as in the old Oregon Trail game. For reals.
  • I thought this was a really good article for everyone in a relationship. Whether you have children or not. The Questions That Will Save Your Relationships.
  • Pony sent this to me yesterday and you should read it if you have a pet: 9 Pet Legends that Drive This Vet Crazy.
  • I despise breed specific legislation and to be honest, I think every person who has a pet should be inspected and taught how to train and care for their animal. Daily we see despicable photos and stories of animal abuse. It’s sick and it’s not the animals fault. So have a look at these 37 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Pit Bulls.