Guest Post: Abby’s Boom Breakfast Review during a Sunday Brunch:

Abby was the winner of the Boom Breakfast & Co $50 Gift Card. You can check out Abby’s blog at Prime Physique Nutrition

I had a lovely time with 3 of my friends at Boom Breakfast a few weeks ago! It’s a change for me to write a restaurant review since I usually blog about health, nutrition & eczema instead. 🙂 Nevertheless – I had a great experience and look forward to going back again!

Boom Breakfast has 4 locations across Toronto – but we went to their Vaughan location since it was closer to us. We went for Sunday brunch, and we were surprised that the moment we went in, the place was completely packed!

This was the first time I’ve ever seen a restaurant do this – but the servers were actually passing around free muffins, fresh warm waffles, and coffee as everyone was waiting around! It was an extremely nice touch to see a restaurant do that (plus, they allowed us to get seconds as well).

When we sat down, we also noticed that they had really neat cups where they brought in the hot water with a lemon!

As for the food, I got the Benny Boom Eggs Benedict (topped with smoked salmon) and my fiancé had ordered an Eggs Charcuterie with Turkey Chorizo in an eggs benedict. My fiancé didn’t realize that the Eggs Charcuterie he ordered was scrambled – so he asked them if they could change it to a poached egg, and they gladly did! They definitely had good service 🙂


My other 2 friends ordered the Western College Sandwich, which we found was a tiny bit dry in terms of the sauce, but the flavour was strong. My favourite meal was my friend’s High Energy Omelette, which was filled with turkey chorizo, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and roasted red peppers. It also came with a side of rye bread and frites. The taste was flavourful and I highly enjoyed it!


I would definitely recommend people to go here again as the service as great!

If you’re planning to go, I recommend you go early to try and beat the busy Sunday morning brunch (but if you don’t – there may still be free waffles, muffins and coffee waiting for you) 🙂

They have 4 locations across Toronto and you can find the rest of the Boom Breakfast Menu here.

Thanks to Carly-Anne and Boom Breakfast & Co for giving us a great new restaurant to try out!


Thank you for the great review Abby and so glad you enjoyed your experience at Boom!
– Carly-Anne