Betsey Johnson at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week F|W 2014

I’ve never been to New York City but I would love to. I’ve been to Fashion Week in Toronto for years and I’m dying to experience it it New York. I’m living vicariously through the MBFW site and will be posting some of my favourite shows and looks from the collections, starting with Betsey Johnson.

I love Betsey Johnson. Like love her and would probably be star struck if I ever met her (but not in a creepy way).  I covet her clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories.  I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting her in person, though it would be an amazing experience I’m sure. Her runway show for MBFW is killer.

Love the colours and the over the knee boots.

Everything about this screams I should wear it.

1st time I’ve appreciated cow print patttern. Love the boots!

Shiny blue & black leather jacket with red sparkly heels. Dying.

The babe and the outfit remind me of you, Casie!

The purple & red jewel tones against her skin are striking.

Love the homage to Pretty Woman

The babe, the colours, the pieces.

I need this romper.

All photos from the MBFW site