New Moo Minicards for

I love getting packages in the mail and I was super excited to receive my newest mini cards last night.  This is my 3rd order of Moo cards and I think they are the best yet. Jason suggested the rounded edges and I like them so much better than the squared edge ones.

It’s really easy it is to make your own custom cards in only 3 steps.  You can choose from one of Moo’s 136 designs or upload your own image, then you type in your info, approve the layout & spelling and order your cards! The service is fast and pretty affordable.  The cards are made from paper sourced from sustainable forests and the box they come in are made of recycled pulp and they’re recyclable, which is one of the main reasons I was first interested in purchasing the cards.

Moo has added quite a few new products since I first ordered mini cards.  You can get regular sized business cards, Luxe cards, stickers (which I’m going to get next!), postcards and they’re even offering NFC cards with a microchip inside!

I recommend Moo Mini Cards and if you want to try them out you can use my referral link so I can get a discount on my next order 🙂