Dog Gone Right Graduation

For the past 7 weeks Finn, Jason and I have been taking Basic Obedience class at Dog Gone Right. Every Wednesday night from 7-8pm Finn tried to be on his best behaviour so we could learn how to properly train him.

Our trainer was Blanche Axton and she was absolutely fantastic.  She really knows dogs and dog behaviour and I honestly learned so much.  We learned all the basics (some of which we can already do) Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Leave It; Drop It; Off-Wait and Take-It; Recall (the ‘Come’ command); and loose leash walking.

Dog Gone Right is a very calm and supportive atmosphere.  As a girl who’s grown up on a farm with dogs, having a dog in the city is a completely different experience, and I really appreciate that Blanche understood where I was coming from.  Learning how to walk on a loose leash is still one of our biggest challenges and I was relieved to hear it is one of the hardest things to teach.

Because I’m a sucker for a cute puppy face, Finn has a few bad behaviors with me – like pulling me when we’re walking – I always used to just call Buckhead Paws for extra help. With on site instruction, and the great handouts to take home and practice with, I saw a big improvement in his behavior.  It was also nice to hear that as a Golden Retriever, Finn has a longer puppy/teenager period before he’ll start to settle down, so it’s not just us.

I was sad last night that it as our last class and Finn really likes to go there and work.  We’re definitely going to continue on with the classes – I want to do Leash Skills and then Intermediate Obedience class.  I’d also really like to do the Rally Fun class so Finn can learn to become a SuperDog!

I was talking and it’s the only pic that wasn’t blurry!

Thank you very much to Blanche for all the encouragement and advice and to Margaret for getting us into the class on such short notice.

Finn, Jason and I all highly recommend Dog Gone Right and we hope to see you there!