Happy 1st Birthday Finn

On this day last year I was hoping, wishing and asking for a puppy of my own.  Jason was starting to say maybe to the idea and little did I know a little bundle of Golden Retriever joy was just born and waiting for me 🙂

Picking out our baby dog when he was 4 weeks’ old.

I did my research, found a breeder and in February we went down to meet him and see the puppies.  We weren’t allowed to hold them or touch them until we went to bring him home, in case we were carrying any viruses or diseases that could be passed along to the puppies.

On our way to get Finn!

In March of 2013 he was 8 weeks old and ready to come home with us.  We drove 3 hours out to Campbellford/Hastings, ON to Al Bain’s farm to pick up my little baby dog and I cried on the way down because I was so excited to get him.

The first time I held him.

Today Finn is 1 year old and he is the best dog in the world.  He is smart, gentle, handsome, excitable and an all around great dog.  I am so happy that we got him and I can’t wait until we have a bigger place to get him a friend.

On our way home.

I highly recommend checking out Al Bain’s Golden Retrievers.  He has been breeding for over 40 years and the dogs are bred for smarts and service.  You can reach him at 1-705-632-1187.  If you are looking for a smart and gentle family dog, there is not a better breed.

Finn & Harley meet

Happy Birthday Finn!  We love you and are so happy to have you as part of our family.

Finn’s first bath


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