Winner of the Seventh Generation Prize Pack!

Congratulations to Andrea O. comment #9 on winning the Seventh Generation Prize Pack!

Certainly not my biggest mess as I have a very little, bundle of love that is a dog. That being said, my best ‘story’ about a mess is as follows.

I have a little table in my hallway that I throw things on when I walk in the door. This particular day, I placed my Venti Cafe Mocha down (too quickly, and not carefully enough) and “BAM” down it went. But funnily (yes that is a word) enough it didn’t tip over. It simply splattered a lot (remember it was a Venti) of Cafe Mocha all over my walls, front door and yes, all over my floor. I cleaned it up.

Move ahead about a month.
My nephew was staying at my place and was relegated to my sofa in my living room (just off of my hallway). We were settled down for sleep (I was in my bedroom), when I heard him ask, “What’s all over your ceiling?”

Yes! The damn Venti Cafe Mocha super-sonically splashed itself all the way up to my ceiling. A meter wide diameter of brown Cafe Mocha splotches adorn my ceiling.

I cannot remove them. I have tried mercilessly.

“Out, damn spot[s]”
– Shakespeare.


Thank you to everyone who shared your messy story to enter this contest. I love reading about a little piece of your life 🙂

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