December 02

I’ve been running around all day getting ready to leave for Florida tomorrow morning and just sat down to have a break and a tea before I scrub from top to bottom.  I was going back through old December posts and 3 years ago yesterday I had packed my life into a storage unit and moved to Florida to live with Jason.  Crazy how things can change in an instant and I’m thankful that life worked out how it did.  We’ve got a great life, great friends and family and get to go “home” to a 7 mile island in the winter.  I finally got the Golden Retriever puppy I’d always wanted, Harley is healthy and semi-accepting of Finn and I can’t wait until all 4 of us pile up into a truck and become SnowBirds again.

I’m super excited for Christmas and the tree is up.  Here are the best of the photos we tried to take last night.  Think we’re gonna have to work on our posing a little better before it becomes a Christmas Card!