Show & Tell: Nov 29/13

This has been quite an interesting and very busy week.  I’m going on vacation to Fort Myers Beach next week, so as you can imagine trying to wrap up projects and get business covered is always a challenge for me.  I’m definitely someone who likes to own my business and control as much as possible.

Yesterday was an awesome day.  I went to Centennial College to speak to 2 classes of CCPR students.  This is the 3rd term I’ve been there and I absolutely love doing it.  The classes seemed to like what I had to say as well and I’ll be back again next term.

I’ve got a full day to wrap up everything so this week’s Show & Tell is short but sweet.

See you on the beach!

The Shoebox Project is a non-profit initiative that asks people to fill a shoebox with little luxuries (valued at $50) and deliver it to our drop off location in their community. Local volunteers deliver these gift boxes to women living in shelters during the holidays and throughout the year. You can participate by locating your community on our website and making a shoebox!

I’ll leave you with my favourite recent photo.  The boys hanging out on a Saturday.


Kyle, Finn & Jason