Win a Seventh Generation Cleaning Prize Pack!

Yesterday I posted my review of the Seventh Generation Products and at the bottom of the post had the Prize Pack Giveaway.  I used the Rafflecopter contest entry and it seemed to scare a few of you off of entering.Sooo if you want to win this awesome Seventh Generation Natural Cleaning Products Prize Pack all you have to do is comment below telling me about the biggest mess you’ve had to clean up!


Contest closes on Mon Dec 2 at 5pm and the winner will be announced on Tues Dec 3.

Happy Cleaning!


  • Saw this a little too late! I love Seventh Generation products – good for the environment and they work!

  • Andrea O

    Certainly not my biggest mess as I have a very little, bundle of love that is a dog. That being said, my best ‘story’ about a mess is as follows.

    I have a little table in my hallway that I throw things on when I walk in the door. This particular day, I placed my Venti Cafe Mocha down (too quickly, and not carefully enough) and “BAM” down it went. But funnily (yes that is a word) enough it didn’t tip over. It simply splattered a lot (remember it was a Venti) of Cafe Mocha all over my walls, front door and yes, all over my floor. I cleaned it up.

    Move ahead about a month.
    My nephew was staying at my place and was relegated to my sofa in my living room (just off of my hallway). We were settled down for sleep (I was in my bedroom), when I heard him ask, “What’s all over your ceiling?”

    Yes! The damn Venti Cafe Mocha super-sonically splashed itself all the way up to my ceiling. A meter wide diameter of brown Cafe Mocha splotches adorn my ceiling.

    I cannot remove them. I have tried mercilessly.

    “Out, damn spot[s]”
    – Shakespeare.

  • Sarah

    A large jar of strawberry jam slipped out of my hands one morning before work and it smashed on my kitchen floor. I was already running late and wasn’t able to get it all off before heading to work. I left a thin sticky layer on my floor that would require scrubbing until after work. That was not a fun thing to come home to. It took me half an hour of scrubbing to get the floor fully clean.

    • That is the worst! When you’re running late and have to leave a mess for later. Ugh!

  • Jennifer

    With 4 kids under 10 every day is the biggest mess I have to clean up! I love them to death but man can they destroy a room in under 5 minutes 🙂

    • You’re a superwoman to have 4 kids!

  • The biggest mess when when I was staying with my parents and I knocked a shelf down from the fridge and a bunch of bottles broke and splattered.

  • Lisa

    I was making hot cereal on the stove & I turned around and it overflowed and it was a burnt mess on my stove

  • Moongazing

    The bulk of my home after an fun though messy New Year’s Eve party!

    • Oh New Year’s Eve parties. My birthday is Jan 1 and I always hated cleaning on my bday 🙂

  • Lisa Richards

    Just started using Seventh Generation products and love them – especially as they rank well on Environmental Working Group’s scale. Biggest mess I ever have to clean is always in the kitchen. Of course I’m in a rush for work when I set my smoothie then realize that the blender lid isn’t secure. Hope the walls, counters and floors enjoyed the organic green goodness and felt ‘alkalized’! :p

    • I’m sure it was the best they’ve ever felt! lol