Seventh Generation Review & Giveaway

**This post is very wordy but there’s a contest at the end, so read on!**

I’ve spent the past two weekends cleaning like crazy, thanks to the package of Seventh Generation products I received.  As you know, I’m trying to green my house – making things from scratch, using environmentally friendly and natural cleaners – so the gift of Seventh Generation was a welcome surprise.  I scrubbed and polished everything that I could and here are my reviews of each product:

Seventh Generation Lavender, Floral & Mint Natural Dish Liquid

I used this in a few different ways.  The first was to wash my hands, in place of using soap.  Throughout cooking I wash my hands constantly and it wasn’t too drying and left my hands nice and clean.   Jason also used it to wash his hands that were dirty from work.  It seemed to work pretty well for him but he is in winterizing mode at work so not as greasy and dirty as he usually gets.

My second use was to wash some of my dishes (glasses and pots & pans) that wouldn’t fit in the dishwasher.  I filled up the sink to let the dishes soak for 15 minutes.  It was nice and bubbly and worked well to cut the grease.  It didn’t leave spots on my glasses and everything was sparkling clean.

The third use was as a base for homemade dishwasher soap – click the link to check out my recipe and review.  It worked very well in my dishwasher – but be sure to mix it with the vinegar & baking soda to avoid a bubble disaster!

Seventh Generation Green Mandarin & Leaf Natural Shower Cleaner

I used this product as my all-purpose cleaner.  I cleaned the entire bathroom – tub, shower, toilet, sink, floors and tile walls – and it worked on everything.  It took some elbow grease to get the soap scum off of the shower walls, but overall was a great cleaner.  I liked that the scent was not too  overpowering.  In a small bathroom, when I use a harsher cleaner like Mr Clean, it can be overpowering.  I still opened the window a crack to air it out, but there were no strong chemical fumes.  Jason also commented on how nice the bathroom smelled, so bonus points for him actually noticing!

Next we used the Shower Cleaner for the kitchen.  I used it on the counter, sink, cupboards, stove top and floor.  I sprayed the entire area and went around cleaning from top to bottom, sometimes reapplying to the area if it had dried.  I was going to use it on the fridge as well, but I was sick of cleaning by then so the fridge will have to wait.

I also used the Shower Cleaner for the rest of the floors in the house and to clean/dust the non-wood surfaces.  I cleaned the walls in our white hallway as well, because my puppy Finn loves to lay on his back and put his dirty paws all over the wall.  It worked really well on muddy puppy paw prints!

Seventh Generation Lemon Chamomile Wood Cleaner

I was really excited to get the Wood Cleaner because I have hardwood floors in the living room and bedroom.  Unfortunately it says right on the bottle not to use on floors and that’s because it will make them slippery.  So I abandoned the floor cleaning idea (and used the Shower Cleaner instead).  I cleaned our wood fireplace mantel, the coffee table and bookshelves.  This was a good product, lightly scented and worked well, but I am more of a one-product-cleans-all kind of girl, so not being able to use this on the floors means I won’t use it too often.

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Laundry Detergent & Seventh Generation Free & Clear Liquid Fabric Softener

I was most excited and most skeptical to try the Laundry Detergent & Fabric Softener.  I have never used fabric softener in my life, so honestly didn’t know the point of it.  My main task for these products were to be strong enough to clean Jason’s dirty work clothes.

On my laundry it was a dream.  My clothes came out clean and didn’t have any residue that other detergent sometimes leaves on my dark (black) clothing.  I loved how soft everything was, due to the fabric softener and I really saw a difference in using it.  The light sent of the fabric softener (Blue Eucalyptus & Lavender) was really nice and not overpowering.

Now on to Jason’s clothing.  His causal clothes came out nice and clean and soft, but his work clothes didn’t fare as well.  The detergent took most of the dirt out of his clothes, but they still felt a little grimy. He’s a marine mechanic and as I said, doing winterizing & wrapping of boats, so he’s not as greasy as he usually is.

Jason’s comments are “It seemed to work ok, my socks were all clean and smelled nice, but my hoodie and some of my long sleeve shirts still felt grimy and smelled like fuel.”

I’m thinking that adding a bit of baking soda to the wash might give an extra boost of cleaning power and we will continue with our use of the laundry detergent.  I’ll let you know how it works with a baking soda boost.

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Liquid Fabric Softener

I also made a DIY dryer sheet with the fabric softener that I found HERE.  Basically you soak a facecloth with a mixture of water and fabric softer (1:1 ratio) wring out the excess moisture and let it air dry.  Then toss it in the dryer along with a ball of aluminum foil (3-4 sheets, 12″ square) to help with the static.  The ball of foil will tighten and smooth out – you can use up to 50 times or until it falls apart.

Overall I absolutely LOVE Seventh Generation products and will consider buying them over your regular, chemical household cleaning products.  I like that the scents were not overpowering or chemical smelling, they worked very well for my every day cleaning needs AND I liked that most of them have more than one use.

Soooo…. Now it’s time for you to try out the products yourself!  Seventh Generation has generously given me one prize pack of the same products I used for you guys to win!

You’ll receive a gift pack consisting of:


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