Halloween Tempt Cider Giveaway

Happy Halloween my lovelies.  Jason and I had the chance to sample Tempt Cider on Friday night and it was spookily delish!  I’m a cider fan and the hint of lime & strawberry is refreshing! My horrifyingly lovely friends at Tempt Cider and Evolution PR have a terrifyingly awesome Tempt Cider giveaway for 1 lucky carlyanne.com reader to celebrate Halloween in style.

To enter, you must be 19 years of age and live in Canada, and to win share your favourite Halloween story in the comments below and for extra bonus points, LIKE the Tempt Cider Facebook page!

Winner will be drawn on Wed Oct 30th at 3:00pm.  Can’t wait to hear your stories!

Here’s what you’ll win:

  • A case of Tempt Cider (24 cans)
  • A mask
  • A $50 gift card to Victoria Secret
  • Two Tempt Cider branded glasses
  • A Tempt Cider branded iPhone case
  • A Tempt Cider branded chapstick.
  • Shagger

    One Halloween in St. John’s, NL, I dressed as a Scottish clown. I spiked my hair and sprayed it orange. I wore a tartan onesie and a tartan scarf and Dr. Marten boots. My face was painted like a clown with a huge smile. Even when I wasn’t actually smiling people would walk past me with a huge smile on my face.

    The funniest part was many months later when I was in a George Street bar just walking across the floor and a girl recognized my smile – without the clown face makeup

  • Helena

    My favourite Halloween memory was back in October 1989’ – being new to Canada and not having experienced Halloween before, it was a new experience.I didn’t quite understand why people dressed up and begged for candy from strangers.

    My mom dressed me up as a princess. I can still remember the smell of the mask and the lack of ventilation it provided. We went ‘trick or treating’ with a family friend; she was much older and was on a mission to fill up an entire pillow case. Instead of a pillowcase, I used a plastic bag, which dig into my tiny hands. After 4 hours of extensive gathering, I was beat. All I remember was being sore, sweaty (from the mask) and cold. I got over that feeling very quickly when I got home and dumped the mountain of candies all over my living room floor. Let’s just say I had a chocolate snack for the rest of the year 😀

  • Lyndsey Salomen

    My best Halloween memory was the first one with my twins. We dressed them up as baby Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee and they were the cutest, chubbiest babies ever! Wish I could post a picture to share 🙂

  • Andrew F Stewart

    A) I LOVE cider. B) I love Halloween. A friend of mine once rented an actual haunted mansion and threw a huge Halloween bash there. He offered to have guests stay over but I was too chicken. Those who did stay ended up getting mysteriously sick the next day (not hungover sick but really sick) Turns out it wasnt anything spooky but rather it was food poisoning from a midnight snack. Boohahahhaha @AndrewFStewart

  • Julie

    I remember our Dad & his friends used to dress up in coveralls and a Jason mask and follow along behind us kids when we went trick or treating. One year we went around a corner before them and bumped into some older kids who started messing with us and tried to steal our candy. Our Dad’s (4 or 5 of them) came around the corner, saw what was happening and ran screaming towards us. The big kids ran away screaming and we stayed put just laughing.

  • Alaina

    I actually had a very spooky experience on one Halloween. I was at my aunt’s house where it was just me and her for the night and we decided to make popcorn and watch a movie. She had an actual countertop popcorn maker so she asked if I could go get it from the basement. There are a set of stairs with a landing and when you are on that landing and you are looking down the next flight of stairs there is a washroom right at the bottom. The door of the bathroom was partially closed and as I stood on that landing about to make my way down the stairs I stood in shock as I watched the door start to close the rest of the way by itself!! There was absolutely no one else home and nothing made sense as to why it would close by itself. Needless to say, I ran back up the stairs and told my aunt that I did not want popcorn anymore and that there was a ghost downstairs. She looked at me and some color drained from her face. I was 10 and to this day I really dislike her basement bathroom! Nothing else has happened since then.

  • Years ago we had a house with a very creaky front door. It was a raised bungalow, so we posted my brother upstairs in the living room window and were timing the kids walking up the driveway so the door would slowly open just before they got to it, but they wouldn’t see anybody. I hid behind the door dressed like a witch in full makeup, and after the door was open would jump around from behind it and cackle like a crazy woman. It was a hoot and a hit with the kids…until…

    My brother told gave me the cue, I opened the door slowly, there were lots of creaks and I lept around the door shrieking and cackling away only to see an adorable little “princess” who was no more than two years old scream for her life and run back down the driveway to her father! I was screaming at my brother, who was rolling on the floor with laughter, while chasing the poor little thing to hand her a years worth of candy – which of course made things even worse! Lucky for me, her father had a sense of humour and was laughing just as hard as my brother.

    I still love finding ways to surprise kids on Halloween, but luckily, I’ve never duplicated that poor little girl’s Halloween experience.

    • I just LOL’d at work reading this!

      • It was a funny incident – but I felt so bad about it! It’s probably one of those stories her Dad has been telling her about over the years! “Remember that Halloween when you were chased by a witch…”

        Have a super Halloween Carly-Ann!

  • Marie

    I once worked in a historic home where all members of the family died there. Creepy things would happen all the time, but in particular, on Halloween night while I was working late on account of the ghost tours, it was me, alone, in a haunted and dark historic home. A light turned off upstairs, I went up to turn it back on, then I heard a scuffle in the attic – we had artifacts up there so I went to investigate to see if pests had gotten in. As soon as I entered, this window banged open, the scuffling stopped and a ghostly figure appeared, then ran away. I wasn’t freaked out, the hauntings were normally in good fun. I figured that they were just trying to mess with me because it was Halloween. I closed the window, and as I went downstairs, I heard a voice that was saying my name. This was essentially my night. Getting harassed by the family of ghosts that lived in the haunted historic home I worked in. Steps on stairs, creepy cold air and feeling of someone standing over my shoulder, windows opening, names being whispered, pots falling to the ground – then after Halloween night, I never experienced it ever again. It was weird…

  • J. Sheridan

    following with the tempt theme… I was working at a bar on Halloween, decided to dress as a vampiress (using my room-mate’s gorgeous long, blonde wig – i”m a short-haired brunette), walked into work and no one recognized me – my co-workers, my regulars and even my ex boyfriend!!!

    • That’s awesome! Incognito right out in the open