Bowie Is AGO & Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Last  Saturday was an awesome day of culture and walking.

I started out at 11am to take Finn to his 1st ever grooming appointment at Beaches Pet Grooming Spa.  We went on the bus for his first ever bus ride, up to Kingston road and walked all the way up to the spa.  He took the time to roll in every possible dirt pile on our walk and when we got to the Spa he was so excited to see other puppies that he didn’t even notice I left! (tear).After dropping him off I hopped on the bus up to the subway – which turned into the longest bus ride possible and didn’t go to the subway, but instead, South to Queen st, across and up to Coxwell.  I was 40 minutes late to meet my Twitter friend Katie, who I’d never met IRL, so great first impression on my part!

When I finally arrived at the AGO I was super excited to finally meet Katie and check out the exhibit.  We were given headphones and whisked up to the 4th floor to start the exhibit.  It was really cool and a neat piece of an iconic history.  The headphones played music, interviews and commentary as we moved around and stood in front of different pieces.  No cameras were allowed so I didn’t get any photos AND I forgot to get a pic of Kate & I as well.  We were wearing matching outfits though, which was pretty funny.

My only photo from the AGO

After the exhibit we parted was and I cabbed back to the East end to pick up my puppy.  He was a pretty good boy for the groomer and was sooo clean and nice smelling.

Beaches Ravine

We walked down through the ravine path from Kingston/Balsam down to Queen and it was really cool.  I’d always remembered going to visit my Great Uncle Cecil & Great Aunt Marg in the Beach and playing in the river and forest near their place.  I thought I’d combined memories though, because the park in front of their place is just off Queen & Glen Manor with no river but then I found the old spot & trail and Finn loved it.

We took an extra long way home so I could tire him out and he was exhausted when we got him and went right to sleep.

Jason was home shortly afterwards and we got dressed up and went to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra courtesy of Flip Publicity.  I’d never been to the TSO before and it was quite an experience.  It was the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto Casual Concert and 10th Anniversary Celebration for Music Director Peter Oundjian. 

Ray Chen

The music was beautiful and the orchestra was insanely talented. The first set featured guest violinist Ray Chen and the emotion that he emits when he is playing was something else.  All in all it was an impressive night and I’m so glad I finally had the opportunity to see it live.  Thanks to Katie & Flip Publicity for such an awesome, culture filled day!