The Earl of Whitchurch Gastropub

This weekend we were up North and on Saturday night Jason, Kyle and I walked down to The Earl of Whitchurch to have some drinks on the patio.  The Earl, as it’s known locally, is a staple in the town of Stouffville and my Dad’s band has played there for years.  It closed late last year (after a fire I believe) and this weekend was it’s Grand Re-Opening under new management.

We walked in and checked out the taps – I was excited because they have Mill Street Lemon Tea beer on tap!  We went out back to their huge patio for drinks and our server brought us menus.  We weren’t hungry but after taking a look at the delicious menu we couldn’t help ourselves!  I forgot to take a pic to share but next time I’m in town will do so and update the post.

We ordered pints first, I had the Mill Street Lemon Tea beer (which has been MIA at my local LCBO 🙁 ) and the boys ordered a Palm draft.  It was so nice to sit out in the sun and relax with a cold beer.  We invited Dad to join us, but he was tired from his day of building decks/sheds/backyard stuff.

The food was absolutely delicious.  The boys split a Scotch Egg appetizer and I had the house salad with a lemon vinaigrette.


Now The Earl has done something pretty amazing for their vegetarian customers.  They have actually CREATED A VEGETARIAN MAIN COURSE instead of just giving a pasta or sandwich options.  This amazing vegetarian main course options was VEGETARIAN SHEPARD’S PIE!  A hearty, classic pub favourite.  And of course I ordered it, curious to see if it could top my famous (in my mind) veggie shepard’s pie.

And I have to admit that they did a fabulous job and I may copy this delicious version and make it myself.  The base was carrots, peas & corn with a thick veggie gravy to hold it all together, topped with mashed potatoes.  No soya substitute for ground beef and this vegetarian girl was very happy.

Jason had Banger’s & Mash for his main course (I ate his broccoli because he hates it!) and he said it was really good.

Kyle had the Fish & Chips (breaded haddock with a chipotle tartar sauce) and I had a bite and it was delicious!

Overall it was a fantastic meal.  Our server was awesome and on the ball (nice, blonde girl, I forgot her name), the food was fantastic and we all cleaned our plates (which is rare in my case) and we will definitely be back again.

I was very impressed with the new Earl of Whitchurch and we will definitely be back to eat.  Congratulations on the Grand Re-Opening!